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    • A new terrorist attack in France :( Pray for Franc... (Last post by Silas Mercury)
    • [/quote]WRONG! We made ISIS because Obama pulled our troops out to early, didnt allow the military to finish their job and allowed what was left of the enemy to regroup and reform and retake ground we won with blood. Then he gave Iran a billion some odd dollars to fund them further as well as the potential to gain nukes! How stupid is that.[/quote]
    • On the Nature of Crime vs War - An Open Discussion... (Last post by Silas Mercury)
    • In my opinion, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George H.W Bush and the rest of them deserve to be the prime targets, not ISIS. Remember that the United States intervention in Afghanistan in the 70's led to ISIS and Al-Quaeda. These men have committed more crimes than ISIS. These men have spilt more blood than ISIS. It is wrong that we are led by men like these. Puppets of corporate America. Thank you.
    • Tips on clearing my head ?? (Last post by Silas Mercury)
    • But I don't want to talk or other girls or guys. I'm in love with her. And whilst I hate her guts for what she did to me, I still love her. It's hard to explain.
    • Reiki Energy ~ Empathic Abilities & Jedi (Last post by Rahatha)
    • I speak only for myself, of course. But I, being one of those who believes in one Great Mystery which lies behind, and inhabits, all that is, would say that it is merely a question of what you choose to name it--God, the Force, the Tao. And, from what I've seen, you are free to call it what you will and even to believe that it exists in many parts, separate from one another, and still find welcome here. As to the different energies that you name, by my account they are all different modes and different workings of the One. I think if you stay here long enough you will hear about this idea and you may find it interesting to contemplate it for yourself. Why is it important? Joseph Campbell, in Part 2 of the Power of Myth (which I am studying as part of the initiate program here) quotes this from the Upanishads "Then he {God} realized: 'I, indeed, am this creation; for I have poured it forth from myself.' In that way he became this creation. And verily, he who knows this becomes in this creation a creator." In other words, we begin to participate, with God, in the process of creation (since we are, after all, part of God and part of his Creation.)
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Connor L.)
    • Grateful for cheap hobbies to help distract me from the pain of not having food around... pizzzaaaaaaaa
    • enlightenment vs. survival (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • i dont agree with this dude about too much of anything. i dont even agree with everythingin this video, but its relevant to this topic where i live, women still respond to masculine men i dont worry too much about the femenists agenda to emasculate us, i just do my best to be a good man and trust things will work out
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by tzb)
    • On reflection my rant was impatient and a result of not having fully processed my thoughts. It was un-Knightly and I'm pleased to withdraw it. One doesn't douse a fire by yelling at the timber not to burn.
    • The Tale Teller (Last post by Kit)
    • I loved that video! As one who loves telling stories, I think I'd be perfectly happy if my stories lived on, even if my name did not. <3 thank you for sharing
    • Tai Chi and Qigong Resource(s) (Last post by TheDude)
    • Very nice! I always like to find the small stylistic differences between systems. The grandmaster of the system I learned, Chian Ho Yin, taught that same move very differently, with the heels touching, fingers interlaced throughout the motion, and a calf raise. Very interesting!
    • Is Ignorance Bliss? (Last post by Rickie)
    • Not knowing what you don't know is ignorance. Knowing that you don't know is wisdom. The difference? Awareness.
    • How Technology Disrupted the Truth (Last post by Adder)
    • People went without before technology, in regards to enough information. I was there!!! It was hard to get, and what you got was limited. Now people have more info then they need, so they can 'want' a particular type! So excluding the targetted gathering of specific information for a reason, it seems to be either comedy (feel good now, distraction) or aspirational dreaming (feel good in future, goal). What used to be considered 'news' is no longer of relevance, unless it is of personal relevance, and most of it is not - so anything which needs to engage with the public like broadcasters, governments, business etc will either provide comedy or aspiration to engage with its 'audience'. Everything else is just background data waiting for someone with a specific interest enough to bother digging it out of the background. But now we seem to relate to information more in this way, since we have so much information and it is so abundant in our daily living. Then their is that the relative isolation of having insufficient information probably created a higher amount of interest in actively forming a view of current events, and updating the view was whatever was 'new' ie news. Now we no longer have the isolation, so we are less interested in forming a view of current events. So having probably slipped into a habit of assessing things for their pleasure value, when it comes to hard decisions this then makes it easier for groupthink and biases to influence the view because its not actively being curated by the individual so much. So in the same way, it seems we just want snapshots which are easy to feel like we are important (which trends towards victim mentality sympathy, which distracts us into a present emotional state as a motivator above normal routine) and relevant (which trends towards anti-authoritarian sources to fulfill our goal requirement, aspiration) so we can 'feel' engaged for a moment, but then get back to our own lives. But this then gives us a platform to engage ourselves in the issues more deeply as well, because we've got that new distraction and goal which we've accepted and personalized - but by then we've stopped being critical of the source and instead critical to a party. In contrast to traditionally the effort was about truth and accuracy of source because the finding of information was most of the battle and so it continued as the main effort, accuracy. That is just my observations over the last 35 years of trying to find out info on things and seeing IT and digital media develop and influence society.
    • What's wrong? (Last post by carlos.martinez3)
    • If one seeks, what will they find? If the focus is..." wrong"... guess what u will eventually find. ? The off feeling may very well be some forms of Un balance somewhere. Balance and focus are king to a Jedi. There are mantras, mediations , classes and good old fashioned stories to help find balance in things, but it is so keen to make sure u r balance is OK before you go searching for dragons to slay. When I feel out of tilt I rely on my certain meditation. One of my lessons I learned not as a Jedi but as a human was GIGO. The old garbage in, garbage out theory. Google it if you like. Hope this can help find some rationing to your reasons friend. Your never alone in this Temple. Keep the Force with you Goken! Your on a path that leads... to revelation! Be well

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