JEDI DREAM - Lightsaber Duel (graphic design college project from 2002)

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(NOTE: This video is horrible quality. It was filmed on 8mm in 2002. It's basically a copy of a copy of a copy, and so on, from 8mm, to digital video, to VHS, to computer file, then ripped from a DVD)

For a graphic design class in college we were supposed to make a short film about a phobia, obsession, or whatever. Of course, being the Star Wars freak that was (and still am) I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to make a lightsaber battle, which I had wanted to do for YEARS. Fortunately, the school had the necessary computer power and software to do it.

It looks horrible now, but my teacher loved it. It was sort of an unfinished project. I had to shorten it because the rotoscoping (the act of drawing in the lightsaber blades frame by frame) was taking too long. Still, my cousins (guy in black and camera man) and I (being the guy sleeping) had a blast doing it.
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