Intrest in Learning about Buddhism

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Intrest in Learning about Buddhism 26 Apr 2012 13:21 #57868

Hello, I am interested in learning more about Buddhism. I was wondering if any current practioners know of any really good resources to learn more about some of the teachings and beliefs?
Peace be with you.

Also, keep being awesome.

Re: Intrest in Learning about Buddhism 27 Apr 2012 11:40 #57987

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Hiya csmith! There are some great lectures right here on the forums! Just explore the Eastern studies threads a bit and see what you like. There are also some fantastic book recommendations in the TOTJO Library thread (under Training & Library) available to all temple members. I myself quite like anything written by the Dalai Lama, who has a wonderful view of the world and Buddhism's place within it.

Then there are the really basic ways, like Wikipedia. XP Enjoy!
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Re: Intrest in Learning about Buddhism 27 Apr 2012 13:17 #58000

Thank you, for some reason it didn't occur to me that people might put an informational on buddhism in there. I can be pretty freaking special sometimes.
Peace be with you.

Also, keep being awesome.
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