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Hello fellow clergy members...

Would one of you please post this for me?

My posts in the article manager lose their formatting....

Let me know, and I can publish it...



Recently, there have been a few conversations that I have been apart of, where some form of change is at the heart of the conversation....

It may be Senior Knight V-Tog's recent stepping down from Council, maybe all of the lost Halloween decorations at my job, or change in our life, with health, status, or procedures...

'Change is the only constant.'

'Dont like THIS, then wait a minute, it will change.'

'Everything changes.'

We all realize this... But, when we are feeling that the world is 'not being fair', we often whine, or complain... lol... Depending on which side of a complaint you are on, it could be either...;)

Quick changes are usually the ones we cry out against... Slow gradual change, that we see the outcome, usually isn't met with the same resistance...

In dealing with change, we have really three options, well, two, but I included a third, which is how I try to deal with change... lol...

First, of course, is to fight change... Kicking and screaming... Whining and complaining... Talking about how 'its not fair', or 'We have never done it like this before!' 

You know the stuff that gets said...We all do.. For all of my seeking enlightenment, I still catch myself stuck, and questioning the 'change', whatever it is... lol...

And, change will still happen... It may not be the one you were rallying against, but, change will happen, nonetheless...

The second way to deal with it, is to just accept the change... Roll with the changes and adapt... We all do this when we implement the change, thinking a change in 'whatever', is for the best, yet others do not usually see this, lol...

The third way, is just live... There is only "NOW" and it is both eternal, and ever changing....

I just live... I have adventures to set out on, and sometimes they are similar to last time I set out on the mission, and sometimes some bonehead, er, I mean, someone has altered something and now procedures, once so familiar,  are now new and different...

I question the change, and, if it makes sense to me, I roll with it... And, if it doesn't, I fight it....

That's it...

That's all I've got to say...

Go live...

And, May the Force be with You...

On walk-about...

Sith ain't Evil...
Jedi ain't Saints....

"Bake or bake not. There is no fry" - Sean Ching

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27 Oct 2013 09:17 #122820 by Mareeka
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Thanks Jestor . . i enjoyed the way you set up the options.

i thought i had a muse coming on . . but . . oh . . .it changed . . . i got an outline thingy instead
Options 1 & 2
Resist OR Roll
one just seems to happen . . . . .
without any contemplation or consideration
habitual re-action, warm, fuzzy, familiar (even when it burns)
conscious brains cells not required

Option 3
How does it look right now?
Present Choices: Roll? Resist?
go within, listen, think
hmmm, I have a choice
The Wow of Now

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27 Oct 2013 12:49 #122827 by Akkarin
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Posted, though I didn't see that Alex had an unpublished one also in there to I moved his one to trash :P (Sorry Alex!) :)

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27 Oct 2013 12:53 #122828 by Alexandre Orion
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Chaque homme a des devoirs envers l'homme en tant qu'homme.
~ Henri Bergson
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