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At the request of the Temple's membership the Temple of the Jedi Order offers 'branded' merchandise in a variety of different forms.

Official Merchandise Stores

Unfortunately the Temple does not have the capacity to produce these items itself, so all of our merchandise is outsourced.

We have two official merchandise stores. One is from a website called 'CafePress' and the other is from a website called 'Zazzle' (both are linked below).

CafePress: https://www.cafepress.com/jediorderchurch

Zazzle: https://www.zazzle.com/totjostore

Both of these stores are based in the US; we do not currently have any stores outside of the US though thus may change in the future. If you know of any websites in Europe or elsewhere that we can open a store on please contact us.

If you see someone selling TotJO branded merchandise and you do not know if they are officially authorized to do so, please let a Public Relations and Marketing Officer or a Councillor know.

How much money do we make?

Our average commission is 11% across all of our items. So for example if you spend $20 on an item then the Temple will earn $2.20. The commission rate is low, because the prices for items in the store are already quite high and the merchandise is not our primary source of income.

Donations are, and forever will be, our primary source of income. If you wish to directly give us money, that should be done via the Donate button at the top of each page of our website. The merchandise income is purely supplementary and the primary purpose of the merchandise is providing people with the TotJO themed items they have requested.


Lucas Arts and Intellectual property

Lucas Arts has the intellectual property rights for anything in the Star Wars universe. This includes such terms as 'Jedi' (for some but not all purposes) as well as the five-line Code listed on our Doctrine page. This means that we are unable to include items in our stores that include those terms. This does make the range of designs that we can offer very restrictive; most if not all of our designs will only include our Symbol, which is a trademark owned by the Temple.

We have the right to use terms like 'Jedi' because there is no trademark for Jedi when used for philosophical, religious or realism purposes. However, we don't have the right to use it on many items like t-shirts since it does have a trademark for use on clothing items.

If members wish to create their own items for personal use with designs on them that include words like 'Jedi' then they are free to do so, however they will have to obtain those personally as we cannot provide them.

Contacting the Public Relations and Marketing Team

If you wish to contact us then the best method to do so would be to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All of these emails are read, but things can get busy or forgotten about over time. If you find that you have sent an email and not received a reply, or something was confirmed to happen and since then nothing has happened, please either send another email or a Private Message (PM) to a Public Relations and Marketing Officer.


Contact the Public Relations and Marketing team for a Digital Certificate, which are available by request. Certificates are sent via email for you to print yourself. The Temple can print and send you a certificate for a small fee if you wish.

See examples.

Shopping on Amazon

If you shop online at Amazon in The US you can help fund the Temple by purchasing almost anything from Amazon through this link