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This May, we delve into the realm of self-perception, exploring the often-conflicting forces of ego and humility. We, as seekers of balance in the Force, understand the importance of both.


Ego, in its simplest form, is our sense of self. It can be a powerful motivator, driving us to achieve great things. However, an unchecked ego can morph into arrogance, hindering our growth and alienating those around us.


Imagine the Force as a vast energy field, binding all things together. We, as individuals, are like sparks within that field. Ego can make us feel isolated sparks, separate from the whole. It can lead us to focus solely on our accomplishments, mistaking them for the entirety of who we are.


Humility, on the other hand, acknowledges our place within the grand tapestry of existence. It recognizes that our strengths and weaknesses are part of a larger whole. It allows us to learn from others, to be open to feedback, and to contribute meaningfully to the greater good.


Consider the story of Alina.


Alina was a whirlwind of a painter. Brushes danced across canvases, colors exploding with a life of their own. At just 17, her work hung in prestigious galleries, lauded by critics for its raw energy and emotional depth. Yet, a shadow lurked beneath the surface. Praise fueled Alina's ego, turning her once eager eyes into a storm of self-assurance. Her beloved teacher, Ms. Chen, a woman whose gentle guidance had nurtured Alina's talent for years, now found her critiques met with a dismissive scoff. "It's just my style," Alina would declare, her voice tinged with defiance. Ms. Chen, her heart heavy, watched the fire of learning flicker in Alina's eyes, replaced by the embers of arrogance.


One crisp autumn afternoon, Alina found herself drawn to a small, unassuming gallery tucked away in a cobbled alley. Inside, bathed in the warm glow of natural light, stood a single, breathtaking landscape. The brushstrokes were minimal, yet evoked a depth of emotion that resonated within Alina. The artist's name was simply "The Old Man," a moniker whispered with reverence by the few patrons. A wiry figure with eyes that held the wisdom of a thousand storms, The Old Man stood before his masterpiece, lost in silent conversation with the canvas.


Alina, overcome by a strange compulsion, approached him. "It's beautiful," she blurted out, her voice uncharacteristically small. The Old Man turned, a faint smile crinkling the corners of his eyes. "Thank you," he said, his voice a gentle rasp. "But beauty," he continued, his gaze holding Alina's, "is a fleeting thing. True mastery lies in the endless pursuit of it."


He gestured towards a cluttered corner, revealing stacks of unfinished paintings, each a different exploration of the same landscape. Alina gasped. Some were chaotic, others stark. Yet, each held a yearning, a constant questioning that resonated with a forgotten yearning within her.


"I thought I had found it," Alina confessed, her voice barely a whisper. "My style, my voice." The Old Man chuckled, a soft rumble that seemed to come from the earth itself. "Talent alone is a fickle friend, child. It craves growth, a constant dance with imperfection."


His words struck a chord deep within Alina. Shame washed over her, laced with a spark of something new – a hunger for the journey, not just the destination. That day, Alina left her ego at the door of the little gallery, carrying with her the wisdom of The Old Man and a newfound respect for the endless pursuit of mastery. Ms. Chen, with a knowing smile, welcomed her prodigal student back, not as a prodigy, but as a learner, ready to embark on a journey far greater than acclaim – the journey of a true artist.


May you feel the presence of the Force for the Force is always with you!


You are loved!