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Re: First LED saber 30 Apr 2012 19:46 #58426

The problem is that Ultrasabers is having very good low pricing. Where it comes to good quality you will not find anything in that price range. What I think is trustable that is not manufacturing (almost) exclusively unique sabers (but in fact even MHS sabers) is JQ Sabers ( GrandMaster Kana Seiko as to my information bought some of his sabers there. They seem to be respected in the branch they work in (ultrasabers got its issues braking contracts etc) and reviews I am aware of show products with apparently proper work invested. Also, they do not highlight their products but feature reviews coming from customers.

Where it comes to entirely custom handcrafted (and reasonably expensive) sabers, Vader's Vault ( are having one of the best reputations.

There are others such as Genesis Custom Sabers ( and LDM ( with good reps, but I'm not certain about the quality they offer where it comes to original and beautiful custom designs and about how appropriate their prices are.

Oh, and since custom builds may take months (not to mention the build logs), JQ (or Vader's stunt sabers) is probably what you are looking for. Maybe until Christmas there'd be time for other options.
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Just so everyone knows, thecustomsabershop now has electronics module kits, so even if you're not good with electronics, you can just order the parts and plug them in. No soldering! He also has a ton of new parts, so almost any design you can think of, you can reasonably build yourself. There's plenty of sabersmiths on the forums who can help you out if you get stuck.

Vader's Vault does have great quality sabers, but be prepared to spend around $1000 or more, and he has a pretty long back log.

First LED saber 30 Apr 2012 22:57 #58441

Definitely going to be getting a lightsaber from Ultra Sabers as a gift to myself when I complete the Initiates program. I've been lurking that website for a few weeks and absolutely love the work they do.
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Re: First LED saber 01 May 2012 04:15 #58471

Yes, that is because they do not show the downsides like lacking of any LED optics, glued (instead of screwed) parts on the inside, tape attachments of wires and modules, lack of fixation for the most fragile modules, fragile so-called "heavy duty" blades with their heaviness given through plastic wrap.
No customer support on problems, deletions and bans for any critic comment or question, violation of copyright laws through distributing commercial sound fonts, violation of their contract with TCSS through providing saber parts and MHS compatible parts (which is btw a trademark of TCSS either)...
Okay, nothing else that comes to my mind right now, but do you need any more reasons to check out every alternative to and every quality of the UltraSabers company? I don't.

There are two upside though: Their hilt designs are pretty neat so one could buy just the hilt parts and the prices they sell their work at are just appropriately low for the sloppy products their offer. So, one gets what one should expect for the money (meaning not what they promise). Wether this makes a product worth investing into though I dare questioning. Most of us could spend the same money on TCSS and craft a saber all by themselves that in the long run at least would be durable and functional at all.
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ultrasabers must of changed since i bought mine a few years ago...i've put it through the wringer and it's still working perfectly...are you talking about their low end sabers?...mine was an MHS saber from them with the last of the old soundboards(they changed to the usb2.0 soundboard)...all my electronics still work like new and my blade has yet to even get a crinkle in it...i've even let my nephew(who's notoriously destructive) use it
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