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    • Critical Thinking! (Last post by Rosalyn J)
    • Its funny you should mention this topic because as a University faculty member, many of the students I teach are not prepared to be critical thinkers once they get to university, so the first year is sort of a boot camp of sorts and inevitably people fall through the cracks because they don't have the foundation. Current public education systems, at least in America, are places of indoctrination. Follow the rules, say the correct answer, get the reinforcement (good grades). This is an unfortunate reality and part and parcel why a world class university education still is by and large an elite endevour. Can't have the "masses" thinking critically.
    • Insight Timer app for meditation (Last post by Cyan Sarden)
    • Hi, I've just submitted a new group "Temple of the Jedi Order" - not sure what the process is / how frequently they enable new submissions, though. I'll post an update as soon as the group shows up in the search. I've also joined "The Living Force" group for lack of alternatives until then. As for OS compatibility: the app is available for iOS and Android. The basic version is free, the deluxe version (with guided meditations etc.) apparently costs something - I can't see the price as I purchased it several years ago and it now just gives me the download symbol on the app store. If your phone runs Android, you have the possibility to check it out first and get a refund if you don't like. regards, Cyan
    • Yoga (Last post by Dessel761)
    • I would like to start doing some yoga at home. That being said, does anyone know of any good apps or videos to help with this?
    • Tattoos and Jedi? (Last post by Learn_To_Know)
    • Quote: Quote: I would never want my wife or kids to gauge their ears! Looks nasty in my opinion, haha. But to each their own. If the kids want to do that someday, it's their ears! lol... "Gauge up" doesn't just mean those huge earring, lol.... Standard earrings are 16 or 14 gauge... Those are like the size you would pierce an ear with a starter stud... I think I'm at a 12 gauge right now... Just a little bigger.... eyeballing a 10...;) Picture a guy wearing little dainty gold hoops, and then one wearing a set a little bit thicker, lol.... Shows what I know, haha. When someone says "gauge their ears" I picture this: [attachment] [attachment] That just don't do it for me! haha.. To each their own!
    • Holy Place (Last post by Learn_To_Know)
    • This is an interesting topic to me. I fall along the "some things are holy". Being on the mountain, being in a library, being in the dark and quiet while staring at the stars, those are all holy places to me. I feel like going to the library now, haha.
    • Historical Discoveries (Last post by Edan)
    • Ancient Egyptian temple discovered after illegal digging Full article here:
    • Favourite words (Last post by steamboat28)
    • My three submissions to this thread are: * saudade * the dreaded "c-word" * "cellar door"
    • I saw this on facebook and I was wondering if this... (Last post by Kitsu Tails)
    • Religious....No. We do have shamanic Journey's and Meditations and such... and it has it's own level of spirituality. But Religious no. It is an assembly of people who believe in the force to share with eachother the things we know. We have Workshops where we teach things anywhere from Martial arts, First Aide, Philosophical discussions, Search and Rescue.....Whatever the members want to teach at the time. We also have events. Like the Blot, Knighting Ceremonies... Its just a big gathering of Jedi + Friends :) This is what we did this year :)
    • Philosophy Tech Support (Last post by Rickie The Grey)
    • Quote: I was wondering why nobody else noticed. It is good to wonder but to question anyone elses wonder .... we all see things differently. I like that. or was that just a question asking to be answered?

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