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The IP is the first step to becoming a Jedi Knight at TotJO, thus its one of the most important things you will do here at the temple. The IP serves several different purposes. It gives other members of the temple a “picture” of who you are. By spending time reading about your beliefs and thoughts, we get to see the real you. So be mindful in each lesson you complete, as you want to paint an accurate picture for your fellow Jedi.


Academic cheating, plagerisim, using AI essay generators, or apps such as chat gtp is strictly prohibited when completing lessons. Anyone doing any of the above with have their journal deleted and be subject to a ban.


Knights use your IP journal as a resume, to determine which of our members would make a good apprentice. Do not rush through your lessons, there is no point in doing so. There are time minimums put in place when it comes to advancement in rank. Completing the IP in a rush will not benefit you in any way. What rushing through it will do is show a potential Training Master that you have no patience, and you didn’t take the time to reflect on the lesson so that you get the most out of our training. The Ip wasn’t designed to be completed in a week. If you're submitting three or four lessons in a day, chances are you’re moving too fast and not giving the lessons the attention they require. Everyone wants to be a Jedi knight, who wouldn’t? Becoming a Knight here at TOTJO will likely take close to two years.Between the IP and apprenticeship, it’s not going to be a quick journey, but it can be a fulfilling one. Relax, be mindful, and enjoy the process.


Periodically, a member of our IP Team will be performing the first of two checks done on your IP journal. They are checking to see that it was completed to the standards given at the beginning of each lesson. While they aren’t grading the content, they will also check that the lesson was on topic. After each lesson is posted, if it makes their cut, you will see some letters and a date appear at the bottom of your post to let you know that you're right on track. If you are asked to look at a lesson further, it’s because the IP Team member feels you have not met the requirement for that particular lesson. Our IP team members are also available to help you in any way that you require. They can answer any questions you have, explain a lesson further, proof read anything you like, or just be there for you to bounce ideas off of if you're having writer's block. If you have not yet requested an IP Sponsor, we strongly suggest you do so by messaging our IP Team Lead.


The second and final check of your IP Journal will be performed by two Knights. This is when the content of your journal will be checked. They may challenge some of your ideas or ask you to dig deeper for a particular lesson. Don’t be offended at this, as they may be looking at you to become an apprentice to them. The knights are the primary trainers/teachers here at TOTJO, and they have lots to offer for training. Remember that you can message any knight at any time for guidance. They will be more than willing to help.