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The art of storytelling is as old as humanity itself.  The accrual of knowledge and wisdom encoded within stories, legends, and myths has a power to impact people and cultures across time and space.  Further, when myth becomes a vehicle, we gain a tool to help us unravel mysteries of the universe.  Here, we will discover how the mythology of Star Wars is not only crafted, but its role in bridging the gap between ancient stories and wisdom with modern technology and contemporary ways of living. Please complete all of the following assignments.


Please watch, listen or read the material 'The Power of Myth (Joseph Campbell Interview)' and write a few paragraphs (about 500 words) on your understanding of the content of each assignment and what the message or purpose of the material is.

Each part must be discussed separately so we advise that you write up your response to each assignment first before going onto the next one. We strongly suggest you make notes as you go along.

Video or Book (your choice). Both if you wish (optional).

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The Power of Myth (Joseph Campbell Interview)

* Also available in text version here. This version is slightly different so please mention it in your journal posts if you use it. These files can also either be streamed or downloaded from our Google Drive.

If you are using the book version for this lesson, please order your lessons as follows:


Lesson 2 - Part 1 Myth and the Modern World, The Journey Inward

Lesson 2 - Part 2: The First Storytellers

Lesson 2 - Part 3: Sacrifice and Bliss

Lesson 2 - Part 4: The Hero’s Adventure

Lesson 2 - Part 5: The Gifts of the Goddess, Tales of Love and Marriage

Lesson 2 - Part 6: Masks of Eternity


The titles line up with the chapters in the book, please write each post accordingly.

For those of you that need to use translation aids, please find transcripts of each interview HERE

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