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Why do we meet? Why Here? After almost 13 years; we still log in, and read, and post, and point, and click, and scroll. This thought just blew my mind. We have a place, to come together; if you can log in...we can meet! We are real people, who live real lives, in the real world. Some of us are workers, bosses, Mom's, Dad's, business owners, Vets, soldiers, citizens, visitors, hopers, wishers, and dreamers...and everything in between. Yet, we are all human beings, who come to this place. We come to share, and in sharing...we learn. In learning; we grow, as we grow...we share. We continue the circles, the waves, the cycle...on and on and on. As modern day Jedists we agree on a few things; codes, maxims, doctrines and such; and as human beings our practice and our interpretations vary. It is the variance...that we can learn from. As we learn and grow: Growth can lead to joy...as well as struggles. We are humans. My hope is we see the potential of everyday as well as the potential of US, and the potential of a place like this. I'll admit, Temple of the Jedi Order ain't the only place like this, it ain't even the most popular; but that's not the point. Why here? Because I get to meet YOU here! I continually look forward to it, and hope to see you soon. Thank you for being a part of the Temple...and a part of MY path. I hope I can do the same for you. 

May the Force Continue to be With Y'all 

Pastor Carlos