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Who takes care of you?

As Jedi we can be very concerned with the people around us , we help , are of service and try to be there for others. Especially the second part of the Temples Creed encourages us to be as selfless as we possibly can. But can we? Where do you draw the line? Where do you say , enough is enough , I am not a Doormat. 
Because we Jedi are not doormats. We don't have to agree on everything and work ourselves to the bone and feel taken advantage of. But let's look at the second part of the Creed and see what i mean

I am a Jedi.

I shall never seek so much to be consoled as to console;

Although we don't seek to be consoled , we must not be afraid to seek help when we need it , we are Jedi, we are not made of stone. It's easy to take a Stoic and distant view of ourselves when troubles hit us , but ignoring the help that we need only leads to our battery running out and not being useful to anyone. Also there are ways to console yourself. You time, meditation , going out with friends , talking to friends , finding peers etc . Going to the gym , doing workouts at home , even playing video games can charge your battery. 

To be understood as to understand;

I try to understand you , but if you make no effort at all to understand me , after a while i can only do so much. That is my fault , i don't seek to be understood but as Human being there is a limit as to how much one can bear. Assuming we are all Humans we need to get to know ourselves really well to know what we can understand. Ow and another thing. Even if you understand something does not mean you have to tolerate it , but also cannot dismiss it , sometimes it's complicated. Self knowledge is self care!

To be loved as to love;

You don't owe abusers love. If someone abuses you , let them go in peace. Your love cannot heal them. Leave that to their Gods or the Force. You can love them from a distance and wish them well tho. I do that , i have a few people that i keep in my meditations that would rather see me in pain hehe. Knowing your self worth is self love is self care Jedi. You should not  be afraid to love yourself! 

For it is in giving that we receive;

This is one that i cannot argue with, give yourself the gift of giving , it's so rewarding , especially if you don't expect anything back. Living with the Force is a great gift , share it. 

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;

Now this is a tricky one, in order to forgive yourself you have to forgive others , let them go in Peace. But , you don't have to have them in your life, you owe yourself peace. You can forgive and keep a healthy distance, without resorting to gossip or ill feelings. Again , knowing yourself and knowing your limitations is Self care

So , what more can we do to take better care of ourselves? Apart from the obvious things like exercise , healthy food , and sleep there are a few things we need to learn on our path. You could start by examining your life, figure out what’s missing and take steps toward fulfillment.By examining your life you learn your strengths and limitations. Self knowledge is Self care. 

So what i am really trying to say is that it's You , Jedi , that has to take care of YOU and find help if you are in trouble. To take care of you should be your priority , it's essential for your capability to take care of others.  Take care !

The Force is with you always, for you are a Jedi.