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We are bringers. 


Good day and time zone Jedi. May the Force be with you wherever you may be at this moment. You are a bringer of things. We as humans are. We live in the ordinary world. We bring our own thoughts, feelings and will with us everywhere we go. What is present is our will, feelings and thoughts. Knowing this, I ask you Jedi, with you being present, what is present? I encourage Jedi to be present but when this happens, what do we bring to the "presence" table? In a world of consumers and producers, what does our will, feelings and thoughts consume and what do they produce? What are we bringer of? Ever wonder? There can be a time of reflection when you reach moments of reflection that we all share. I do hope this is one we as Jedi all share. What are we bringers of? 


In our Creed we are reminded that we as Jedi are bringers of Love, Pardon, Faith, Hope, Light, and Joy.

We strive to be those who are the ones who console first, to understand first, to love first, to give first, and to be the first to pardon. Can we see how much more we can react to hate with love? Some cannot. I can tell you if Darth Vader - Anakin Skywalker was given the right amount of forgiveness at the right moment, would things be different? In situations of conflict, have you ever experienced the end of forgiveness as the one who receives it? In any epic or larger story, do you ever notice where mercy would shatter the plot line? It comes in so many forms and in so many different types of cycles in life. I do remember the moments in my life someone else's grace was the push I needed to make it through another day. I remember how it was someone else's light that I saw in the darkness of my own path. What do you bring to the table, Jedi? When your image is remembered, is it valor and virtue? Does it give aid or remind others of the truth? Does it bring shelter and hope? What do you bring? 


We are bringers. We are human. The ordinary world is not so ordinary when you think about it. Take some time to be a part of it. Take some time to share the understanding that we as humans share a bond. We grow and develop in the same way. What does our image bring? Understanding and peace or something else? Cultivate your will, feelings and thoughts. Look at the Force. There are those who point to it. It is in everything. You can find that which you seek. You will and you can. Many have and many will continue to do so. I leave you with this, what do we bring? As Jedi, what do we bring to every cycle of life and connection we are a part of? Be the changers of the plot line. This is where we meet and our paths cross. What do you bring to the table today, what is present? Dwell on that if you like.


 Pastor Carlos.