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Wake Up

An old teacher of mine of sociology, said that the act of society we can predict some patterns of behavior, a lot of that is due to universalization of contemporary societies. I say this because we live in an era where not much we value physical activity, where we spent most of the time looking at the screen of our mobile phones and computers, but don’t stop to observe the world around us directly; live agitated and rushed in the great metropolises of the world, living so fast that hardly see the days go by, we look often to our problems and forget that we are interconnected in this global network, where there are many who need help.

I remember that when I had first contact with the Jedi creed, I realized he talks a lot about self-giving, this focuses on altruism that we must have as Jedi. Thinking about these things this week I opened the page of our doctrine and read it with love. I ask myself: "Do you really keep all these values?" The code, creed, the 16 teachings, the 21 maxims. No, I would be hypocritical if was said that support all these values, but that's my responsibility, to reach that goal sooner or later and until then, sustain the qualities we already have with value.

How many times I and others dodged of that word? Responsibility. It's hard to be responsible, requires discipline, requires focus, requires perseverance. The question I made ​​myself is, "as I live dodging will not live indeed. That's what I want? "We dodged to be good and courteous, we dodged to start exercising in, we dodged to share the pain between the brothers often worrying only with our own problems. That's not how I want to live. So if it is to "wake up", it has to be now, with strength, for ours lifes to be better, and therefore the world.

And this contemporary chaos scenario, it is not easy to raise a flag, a way of life, an idea and lives it.

Even living in different countries, we know that there is a "system" that somehow oppresses us, pressing us from all sides. You see, I work because I need money, it takes me time, so I don't exercise me, I do not help people, I do not admire the background, I do not enjoy nothing, then often I feel sad, depressed and sick; this leads me to the medical costs, the cost of living was already paid monthly, then to meet all this I have to work more and the cycle does not stop. What then is our task as Jedi, our responsibility, in my view. We have to adhere to a better way of life, more healthy, more human; in order to balance our lives, because we know the weight if we do not act, a life without health and without peace. If we can not help us, how do we help others?