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Good day and Happy Holidays for those who observe the holidays. 

As Jedi, you have seen the movies. Have you read some of the books? There is canon and comic books and even cartoons to consume. There is much to do about a Jedi.

In your study or findings, have you come across these three questions?

"What and where is your selfless path?"("Where does it hail from?")

"What do you do with the voraciousness of life?" ("What do you do with all that potential?")

"Who are you and what part do you play in your life?"("Are you the monster or the Sith and can you be?")

It is my hope that we pass understanding to one another, as well as myths and Star Wars stories. Have you taken the time to think about a few things the sagas touch on? To be honest, most epics do this. Most epics touch on these basic and introductory ideas. 

The selfless--

What is or where does your selfless path come from? Do you have one? What does a Jedi selfless path look like? Take some time to postulate or think about it.  Do you have one and what is it?

There is a question I ask others and it is this, what of others? What are you going to do with the other 8 billion people here on earth with you? Here is where the ego can be found and given the attention it can use. Take some time for your ego. Figure it out. Take a study or do a class on it. Every organization, culture and group of people have ego lessons. Ours is no different. Think and Non action is what we recommend for Jedi. We have teachings and Maxims and Doctrine. Follow the ideas and find the path.  We recommend you work on the inside and journal things. Balance, contemplation, clarity, awareness, non-attachment, humility, perspective, authenticity, learning, compassion, realization, and most of all, understanding are the things we want everyone to practice. In this mix, here we are as Jedi, together.


The voraciousness of life--


The human potential is amazing. It is terrible and amazing. It exists in every one of us. The potential to fail miserably or rise above any outcome is always present.  This can seem as problematic if one is not prepared or unaware of the need. At any given time, I can make bad choices. Anyone can really. In our life's and in our paths, things are very dualistic or polar. In the varying ability of one or the other- of off and on - of up and down- this way or that- there is a vast amount of potential for outcomes. What will or what do you do with all that? What have you done as Jedi with this potential?


Are you the bad guy?

Now, I know today is 2023 so most terms like "bad guy" and "good guy" are becoming old and unusable so I give you this, what part do you play in the play of life? What parts do you play for your own path and for someone else's? In the Star Wars movies and canon, it is a common reminder that any Jedi can be a Sith and the thought of us being that person is most times frightening. In our path or life, we can take the efforts and energy to reach or strive for a common goal. One of those we actually share but do not often share with one another is ... am I the jerk or the Sith? I will tell you; the potential is there. 


It is up to us to take things where we choose. In some cases, our beginnings can be chosen. If you choose to be a Jedi, there is so much to it. When you first begin it can be daunting. Take the time you need to ask yourself these questions. Have you found anything? and what have you found? It is my goal to share understanding with you. There is a gift from the Force itself that binds you to things when you do this type of development.  

Here are three elementary questions from the movies. Have you asked? The ability to formulate your own faith is amazing. Be careful. It is also dangerous. Hence the warning.

May the Force be with you all.

Pastor Carlos