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In every story we tell each other, there is to be a bit of heed and encouragement. We pass on the Myth or our own stories and in them, we find a myriad of potentials. The potentials are created from falling deep down into the pits of life; to freedom from the known. All the way down, or all the way up, and every possible place in-between, is where you find life. On any given day someone will be in a pit of life, or a downtime or experiencing emotions or equally sitting at hold. Someone will be rid of a weight in their path. Someone will pass and someone will be born. No one is in charge of life. Life happens. Some stories relay hope and truths. Some plant the seeds of question and the desire to seek. Some remind us of the possibilities.

If it is within the realm of Human possibility, you can. 

This simple truth is a very good reason to be cautious about your myths and stories; specifically- where they come from. Some are from the old motifs, from cultures, and real people while others come from a franchise minded base- so be careful. Use your own judgment. "Mind your Myths..." as I encourage my own family. 

The Hero's Journey is flawed. It is filled with the people on the planet, right now, all 7.96 Billion of them, and at any given time they could all sync and go UP or come crashing DOWN in life or any place in between. 

Humans are amazing. At any given time, the possibilities, and the potentials, for us as human's dwells directly within you-- as equally as it does me-- as does the potential to fail. Miserably. Here is where we find ourselves as equals today. 

The term "Jedi" is plural. It represents more than me. It represents more than you. It represents more than just us few.  It is a collection of all of those who identify as, those who have, those who will. To be Jedi is to first be, human. That's the flaw, that's the potential. It's the plus and the minus all in one little idea. We use the word "like" to represent an idea but never the figure. No one is Luke Skywalker, but we can be like him in his journey. We can take a free education from one another if we share. The human potential is amazing, it's not space cowboys and flashing lights but these things can lead you to the "Yoda's" in your own path. From there, who knows where you may end up. But that is a small piece of the story, and that's just one of the reasons we are here. 

Keep sharing. Continue. Recognize it. Cultivate it. That's another idea we share here. You think I know everything? You think you do? Haaaa but between us- we can share and know just a little more. 

May the Force be with Y'all

Pastor Carlos