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The first step
Feb 23 2014
Written by Sajjad Heydari (MCSH)

While writing this sermon, I was reminding myself that no matter where, the first step is important, let it be something as big as a religious path or something smaller, a first sermon in a series of sermons talking about the first step in a religious path, or even smaller, the first paragraph of a sermon from a series of sermons talking about the first step in a religious path.

Oh I can go on forever...

I guess that's one of the reasons for writing the first letter of each chapter larger than the rest... Have you ever thought about it?

Before anything else... let me ask what is the first step? Now that's a little hard to answer. .given the fact that it depends on the action... so let's narrow it down a little, what's the first step in Jediism? Still hard to find a suitable answer... so. .. for last time... what's the first step in Jediism as TOTJO defines?

Some may argue that the first step in Jediism as TOTJO defines is the initial program; some may say it's the oath or the application; a few may say it is the intro, perhaps starting a journal could be another 'first step'... Although all if these are one of the first steps in being a Jedi, the first one is none of those...

The first step is wanting to be a Jedi; without it none of the others won't happen. You will never take the oath or start the initial program in order to be a Jedi without wanting to be a Jedi...

So... let's take it a step back, I asked more specific questions so it'd be a little easier to answer... now let's ask the harder one's again.

What is the first step in Jediism? Still the answer is same, it is wanting to be a Jedi that makes you do whatever that is necessary in order to be a Jedi.

What is the first step? Do I need to say before doing anything it is wanting it to happen that is important?

Some religions have a good requirement for doing some religious things, and that is to say (to themselves) What they are about to do and why, well some requires the follower to say "for [insert deity name]" just to keep it religious... that is a great habit... if you ask yourself why am I doing this you'll think it through.

Hmm... isn't that a little familiar to you?

The Three tenets: Wisdom.

The 16 teachings:
3. Jedi are aware of the future impacts of action and inaction and of the influence of the past, but live in and focus on the Now...

The 21 maxims:
Pure Motive: To act with motive and purpose.
Without a sound motive and purpose, action has no meaning, no destination and lacks a foundation. A Jedi moves with the Force, trusts in its ways. A Jedi’s actions are firmly based upon a deep motivation to be as their path dictates.

I am suggesting to you, just to ask yourself why am I doing this; believe it or not, it'll help you in your life.

May the Force be with you