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Driving down the highway, I saw a billboard. Spiderman and the other Spiderman from the spider verse was the landscape. Both of them were there. The scene was the original Peter Parker mentoring Miles Morales with a hand on his shoulder. Growing up, the only way I used to see comic books in the real world besides comics was if we graffitied them on the walls and even then, that came with consiquences. Now, 2020, there they are on billboards and walls and shirts and its everywhere. The bilboard said..." Everything you say and do can have an impact..." Blew my mind.

Modern day Jeddist are ripple makers. We as a whole are generally the ones who choose to be the change rather some times. Its funny but during life, things for me always seem to come back the way they do often. Now, I live in a world where things like this, these ideas are ok to share and now, they are ok to display. BUT.... it took some one to start them. What we do and say and who we touch some times can be that very thing- making waves or ripples. I smiled because growing up, I was a graffiti artist and I had the rap sheet to prove it. There was one in paticular I did of spiderman with the ol "with great power comes great responsability" which I did get in trouble for in my youth mind you.(yea)

Things can come full cirlce some times even to those who start things waaaaaay in the past. Look around Jedi and see what you have started. Some ripples may never return. Some actions may never amount to only you knowing. Thats ok. Some..... you may one day see on a billboard. It could hapen. It is happening. You modern day Jeddist are leading the way with your freedoms of aplication and choices and its letting other people free and willing to pick and choose for themselfs. You could say- modern day Jediist are creationg the stones blocks and paths for the future. Think about it. What we are doing today , may end up some where for some one to see and it may help when we least or never see it.

May the Force be with yall

Pastor Carlos