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"I am no better than you and you are no better than me"

This statement may sound odd, and in a way it is, Allot of people look at the world like there are classes, Tiered parts of society... and in many societies Classes, Castes and other forms of this same concept does exist and is in effect... but when we look at people as just people, not by their wealth, social status, or even moral status... we are just that... people.



We all can learn from each other, everyone has a story, everyone has pains, struggles... happiness, and so much more.  When we look at another person, whether it is the leader of the free world, or the peasant of a third world nation, they are no better than us... and neither are they worse or lower than us. Color, Sex, Class, Rank, all of these things are things WE differentiate, and we give the power to effect us.  




Now this does not mean that we should not give respect to a teacher, officer or a boss as they still are above us in society, but we should not fear them or look up to them like they are the answer to our questions... they are equals, they have their own problems, questions, fears, desires.  They also have their own strengths, beliefs and sources of power... 


What I'm simply saying is when we walk down the street and look around, don't feel like those in better cloths or vehicles are better than you, don't think that those in rags or on drugs are worse than you, accept that as people they are still at their core... just people, we all go through trouble times, we all go through prosperous times, its not impossible for a man in a Mercedes Benz one week to be begging for money the next.  Everyone handles things differently and situations and decisions are ever changing.