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There was a blind girl who hated herself just because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She said that if she could only see the world, she would marry her boyfriend.

One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her and then she could see everything, including her boyfriend. Her boyfriend asked her, “now that you can see the world, will you marry me?”

The girl was shocked when she saw that her boyfriend was blind too, and refused to marry him. Her boyfriend walked away in tears, and later wrote a letter to her saying:

“Just take care of my eyes dear.”

How often do we rely on someone else to tell us how good enough we are? Even if we might secretly tell ourselves that we are good at certain things we most often than not do not find the words to speak it out loud. Anyone who does is so conditioned and judged as being probably selfish, egoistic or even arrogant.

Why do we find it so hard to love ourselves? What about positive qualities each and every person possesses? If we are caring toward others why do we find it so hard to be caring toward ourselves?

No one is perfect, so if you wish to love yourself that would mean having to accept yourself as you are and to come to terms with those aspects of yourself which you may not be able to change or need changing. That means self-respect, a positive self-image, and unconditional self-acceptance.

It means taking the time to remind ourselves that no one is perfect. We all have strengths and weaknesses and we certainly possess the resources to work on improving ourselves. Each of us is unique and has unique talents and abilities to offer. Walt Whitman said that we exist „to contribute a verse.„ I will dare to take that even a step further and claim that we even have a responsibility to ourselves to do so.

Or do you have the time in your short lives to sit around and wait for approval from others. You are the only "you" that you have. It is in your best interests and eventually to those around you to be the best you can be. Until you love yourself, you cannot care for anyone else. So speaks a natural law of attraction!

Love yourselves and take time to to meditate, to play a sport, to exercise, to spend time with good friends or get a massage. Demonstrate your love to yourself. How many of us just will not make room for these important activities in our schedule? How often do we say “can’t”, but really we just will not make the time. The thing is though if you do not who will take charge of how you spend your time?

Love yourselves by investing in and working on your personal growth and development. Work on being the best you. It is understanding that you are human, and acknowledging that you have the potential to rise above whatever conditions and obstacles are put in your way. This means taking care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

Will you commit to loving yourself by reserving time to care for yourself? Can you look in the mirror and convincingly say, “I love you?” Try it out and post here how this turned out for you if you wish.