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I very recently received a Lightsaber from a few people in the Temple. It is one of the better gifts I have received in my life. Bruce Lee has a movie where he plays a martial artist. (Enter the Dragon Cinema 1973) As a teacher, he gives a eager student a lesson one on one. In this lesson, he gives us the idea of the moon and the finger. Do not look at the finger pointing to the moon, or you will miss the moon.

As a Jedi, the Lightsaber is our symbol of honor and dedication and that of the Knight. The sword. No greater symbol do we have than that of our sword or our speech and honor. Look it up, the sword or saber stands for many things but some of the key ideas is leadership, protection, and power to name a few. What we stand for as a Jedi Knight is the ability to stand our ground and on what we believe in. In our symbols, we stand tall and lift up that which is shared symbol. 
There are many different company's and businesses that make good things. Some Jedi even make their own swords when it comes to a Lightsaber. I remember holding broomsticks and painting them the proper colors as a young child. Today, the symbol sits and dwells as a beacon of hope for others. It sits as a symbol of hope and study. 
As Jedi, what do your symbols stand for? Do we pay too much attention to the plastic and less on the progression or do we pay more attention to lights and sounds rather than the lanes and lamentations we can frequent? I want to encourage every Jedi to take some time to find the saber or the symbol. Find what these things mean to you. Don't look to much at the flashing lights or you will miss the life you could be living. Is it a saber or a symbol or a mix of both?

Pastor Carlos