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Heya Jedi and good time Zone. Here is my very first sermon ever posted. I was nervous and scared and I do remember it was a big deal. It still is. Here it is in its entirety with spelling incorrections and grammar faults and all. 

“may the FORCE grant us all bliss and wisdom as we come together now...”
I can not tell a lie, I had to look up the word fickleness. I've never been a good reader on the fact that I learned at a much older age than most.so I grabbed a dictionary and this is what I found.
web definition: changeability -especially in regards to affection.
Oxford dictionary definition: “a lack of steadfastness, constancy or stability.”

hmm like chaff in the wind comes to mind from my old Sunday school days.

Nothing certain. we all know what discipline is. No need to Google that one. so the question is how can we as JEDI be both? From my own life I will share. My wife has a saying for me at times, the saying is this “consistently inconsistent”. I have had this phrase whispered and stated to me many of occasions. The idea is to be what is needed. In this world we live in there is a vast amount of and please forgive my explanation but “muchness” in the world. There are times as individuals that our mind and heart and at times our very souls are being distributed in many different direction. Our children are asked to be students, kids, young adults, friends to both their own friends and to their parents. Adults are friends, confidants, lovers, lawyers, moms, dads, coaches, fans, doctors, planners, referees, beautiful, handsome and most defiantly a responsible adult. There are many different ways our attention and heart are pulled some days. every one of us who breath and live are asked to give a multiple of things at any given time.***may the FORCE grant strength to those who succeed in being mom and dad as well as boss or worker! Praise to you!
It is here, insert fickleness, uncertainty and unfaithfulness of affection can be placed. Here is where we grow. Here is what I mean. JEDI Teaching #4 Jedi are weary of attachment both material and personal JEDI Teaching #6 Jedi use their skills to the best of their ability. JEDI Teaching #7 Jedi understand their limitations. The idea is to be un attached. I am an old soldier 1998-2009 so fickleness has never been a strength. Now this may be a Sith way of thinking but it is one who finds strength in weakness that wins. “the blossom that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all..”; Now application: take fickleness and change it to something worth discipline. If your having problems, take those bad feeling of fickleness and make them discipline. Change your focus. this the part in my composition notebook that this phrase is circled and repeated. CHANGE YOUR FOCUS. Take time to meditate (JEDI Teaching #2. Jedi maintain a clear mind; which can be achieved through meditation and contemplation.) and find out what your focus really is. Locate it inhand, actually have a answer. this may take some time. Do not be worried if it doesn't come right away, it almost never does. If it is truly unstable and fickle, find soothing more stable. By reviewing ourselves we are acting in a disciplined manner. By being fickle about your self and your focus you can gain better stability and learn discipline. In reality all you are doing is re evaluating your self but what happens is you create the fickleness for the un stability. You change your focus from the fickle to the disciplined from the fickle. You put in practice what you desire. You take control of your own actions. You help yourself focus on better. In short you find out who you are and evaluate yourself then find what you like and don't like, remove the bad insert the good. That's the ides any way, if any one ever figured out the fool proof method to this let me be the second to know! One does not simply grab his entire life by one hand and change the course to riches and bliss overnight...lol puns welcome. It takes a lot of time and effort. Changing your focus is not an easy thing to do there are so many things that scream at us for our attention. Thru the simple yet profound teachings we have we can change our minds hearts and even life's...if we so choose to do so. May we pass on all we have learned! Let us be in the spirit of building up, not tearing down.


This was in 2015 as a Fresh Jedi Knight. Times have changed and the method has as well but the message lives on. May the Force be with y'all

Pastor Carlos