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Good day and happy Friday Jedi everywhere.

Honor is a big idea. If you wish, you can take a lifetime or two to figure out what honor is and means to you. You as a human can do this with a number of things. Today's focus is the honor you have and seek. 

I encourage every Jedi to take some time to reflect on the brand of honor you hold and keep.

Define honor but then, define the brand of honor you have.

We all know the general definitions and what the books say, but is that what we truly have and display? Where did you get it from? Is it from experience or from myth or mythos or did it come from somewhere else? Did we get honor from our family, friends and features in life?  Who and what are the examples you have of honor?

Our honor is our set of chosen codes or standards. It dwells in the keeping, the use and interpretation of them. It is what we will and will not do. This is one of the most difficult concepts for humans to understand next to being present. Metaphors are difficult for humans too. 

The "problem" or the "edge of the saber" is; if you cannot lose honor, then it's not honor.

Honor is kept. It is given and can be earned. Honor can be found. Honor can be passed. As quickly as it is, it can be taken, lost or forgotten. Honor can be lost

There is much to say about our honor, as Jedi. We have present and posted doctrine and aids and philosophy for uniting under the banner Jedi. Even those are subject to your own application and interpretation.

Hey Jedi, does honor matter?

Does the brand or type of honor you represent matter? Do you represent any or a few? I say it does. It matters. Your level of honor matters. What you honor matters as well. 

Everything we do in the Temple setting is based on honor.

In life, the same can be said. Things only matter if they matter to you. Why stay as you were when there can be so much more you can know today?

Take sometime this week and month to evaluate your brand of honor.

What do you stand for and what do you pass when no one's around? Are you trustworthy? Do you have honor? 

The most honorable thing we can do is give to one another without want back. It is a fine line we walk, uniting under the banner Jedi. We unite under a few things. Our honor, the values we hold, are one of those "glows" we all share.

Think about that if you like. 

May the Force be with y'all

Pastor Carlos