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Creation Vrs Problem Solving: A new way to look at life.


Hello beautiful temple! It is nice to energetically feel you as I sit here connected to The Force and writing this for you. This idea has been heavy on my mind for quite a while, and I am just thinking about how to express it in words. This idea that we are constantly looking for problems to solve.

I have a firm belief that we are perfect, whole, and complete, yet, we are told by society that if we don’t conform that we are less than. We are also told that all around us are problems to be solved and divisions to be made when as Jedi we know that all just is. Our personal judgments about them are just that, personal judgments.

We also know that whatever you focus on expands so when all you see are problems to be solved, then the world, your life, your thoughts all become problems.

What if there is another way of thinking?

What if we focused on what it is we want to create instead of the problem we want to solve? What if we look at what stands between the intended creation and the current situation as obstacles to be removed instead of problems to be solved.

The actions themselves might not change. For instance, climate change is a global problem that many people are trying to fix. What they see if the current situation where we are dumping too many toxins into the environment and see all the individual causes as bad and wrong.

What if we looked at it from the other side, a world that could sustain human life until the sun blows up? The obstacles in the way are black carbon, co2 emissions, and the current agricultural industry which is set to overproduce food in ways that create unhealthy environmental effects. None of which are wrong. They just aren’t working for the vision of a sustainable earth.

Now how do we eliminate those barriers to the idea of a sustainable Earth without making them villains?

I am not proposing that the answers are different, but if we change the perception, it allows us to collectively find solutions instead of fighting over what is right.

Can you think of an area in your life where you are trying to fix a problem instead of creating the life you want? Maybe it is losing 20 pounds so that you can fit into those jeans in the back of your closet or searching for the one because society implies that single people are less than.

What would it look like if you created that you are healthy enough to feel comfortable in your skin and perform the activities that light you up? Or how about creating that you are enough as you are and if a person who compliments your life shows up, then great but until then all is well?

Notice that I didn’t ask you not to feel lonely, or uncomfortable. Your feelings are your feelings neither good or bad and to heal, you must feel. All I am asking is for you to look beyond the “problem” and look at what you want to create instead.

May you feel the presence of the Force, for the Force is always with you!