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Keep hold to the Force; cleave to Hope.


This is the Way of the Jedi.


As Darkness begins to root itself in the minds, hearts, and actions of others, do not make space for it within yourself.

Do not give in to the wanderings of attractive or repulsive speculations about 

“What is going to happen?” 

“What did I do/not do?”

“Who is to blame?”


Return back to your practice: connecting to, and feeling the Force.  


Do not forget our ancient Jedi ancestors, who spent much of their time communing with the Force- five times a day!


Use this time as an opportunity to practice what you have been training; and even more, as an opportunity to deepen your commitment to your training-  and to the Force.


It is what we come to the Temple for, it is the pivot of our training, and it is the fruit and great joy of our accomplishments.


The Force, this mystic center- which we all sing and dance around, has an air of mystery about it; flowing and moving on its own pattern, ebbing and flowing ever onwards.

Let us allow it to inspire us in this time of trouble and tumult- let it be our Guide as we make our ways along our Paths.

So come with me; take my hand, and let us join back in the Circle…





To this effect, I share with you all the Je’daii Saava, a Jedi Liturgical service. 


Inspired by the Force, this service follows a simple format, whose apex is found in a short period of silent meditation. 

Meditation is many things to many Jedi, and this is by no means a prescription for the practice; it is merely a vessel, support, or space for one to silently commune with their innermost heart and the Force with each other.

For single individuals or groups, this liturgy can be intoned, chanted, or muttered whenever or wherever one is; what is essential is the quality of one’s presence.  


The service begins and ends with three bell chimes, connecting ourselves, each other, and the rest of the world with the Force.




This practice is a tool, and like any tool, proves its worth when applied with care and craftsmanship.


Pick it up.  Get a handle on it, and as you work the practice, let the practice work you.

Feel as you chant this liturgy, you are connecting with the Force; and consider that when you connect with the Force, you meet with every luminous thing in the universe.

This profundity can be experienced by all beings at all times- even when we are as physically separated as we are now.

Stay hopeful my friends.

Remember this, and Force will always be with you...