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We all have a little light within ourselves. There are many names for it, but I like to think of it like a candle. See we all have times where we flicker in the winds or rains of life but that light persists. So, with the reflection of this month, “Greed, yet generosity.”, I want you think about how you feed your flame. I know it’s easier said than done but keep that flame as bright as you can. Find something that makes you happy and make that time. Most importantly though think of interacting with others. Help them build theirs and in turn they will help you build yours up. I know this is short but I wanted to share this quote. “Everyone one of us is just one candle hold up against the darkness that surrounds us. We aren’t much in our singularity. Bring those points of light together, into a crew who works for the good of the whole, who can make good decisions for themselves and others, who can trust those at their sides, and suddenly that one candle grows with the light of many and we are and inferno that presses anything that would violate us back into the darkness.”-Randolph Lalonde “Spinward Fringe Series. We start by being nice feed your flame with kindness and watch it spread. Much

Love to you!