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A long time ago there were two brothers, twins.  They were the same in every way except how they acted.  And so their mother named them Lie and Truth. 


One day, Lie and Truth were fishing down at the river close to their house. Lie became bored and issued a challenge to Truth.  “I bet I can swim across the river before you can!” Said Lie.  Truth said, “Maybe, but then we’ll ruin our clothes and mother will be mad.  Being clever, lie responded with rules for the completion that would settle Truths worries. “We’ll take off our clothes and the first one to swim to the other side and back will be the winner.” Truth had no idea who was the better swimmer but thought the completion would be fun.  And who knows, maybe it would turn out he was the better swimmer!  And they could do it without ruining their clothes and angering their mother.  So truth agreed to the terms.

They both stripped down and got ready to go.  Lie looked at Truth and truth looked at Lie.  In a loud and excited voice lie said “Go!”  Truth dove in to the freezing water and had a good start.  Not bothering to look back but rather keeping his head down and powering forward with all his might Truth reached the other side of the river in no time.  When he did Truth noticed that Lie was not in the water behind him.  In fact, Truth could not see Lie anywhere.   So truth began to look for Lie.  After a while Truth returned to the other side of the river and was going to get dressed and look for help.  But to his astonishment his clothes were gone.

While Truth swam across the river Lie put on Truths clothes.  They were clean and pressed and made him feel good.  He then gathered up his clothes in a bundle and headed back to town.  Lie paraded up and down the streets proclaim his victory in the swim completion against Truth.  And the people seeing Lie and hearing his story quickly believed him.

By the time Truth made it to town the people had already heard Lie’s story and seeing how truth was naked and embarrassed by this had a hard time telling people the true story of what happened. But it was hard to look at truth in his nakedness and it was uncomfortable to listen to him since he was so ashamed and embarrassed.

Ever since then, people have found it easier to believe a well-dressed lie than the naked truth. 

What lies do you believe because it is easier or more comfortable?

Master Wes

Wescli Wardest (templeofthejediorder.org)