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Been to the Library lately?




What are you reading right now? Did you know some studies and people have shown that what we put in our minds and hearts can be what we think about? The songs we listen to and the things we watch and read can influence our train of thought. Further more, we can insert ideas in our hearts and mind and spirit with the same three avenues. Never the only way. I remember when I began self-reflecting, A LOT of what I found was commercials and fluff and things that I honestly didn't even notice were there. It's different for every one but what I watched and listened to and read had a huge hand in the flavor I was on the inside. What was inside often came out. Some stuff I wasn't very proud of and will be working on it till the day I glow blue. This is a very basic in self reflection. When we identify things in our own path, we can have the ability to adjust or change or grow.


There is a very real idea in which many enjoy studying and even chatting about. I bring it here for the idea of all who enter here.  If you are familiar, by all means feel free to share what you have learned any day. Bring it!

The idea is this, what we think is kind of how we will act. Better yet, it is Qui-Gon who tells Anakin in the very beginning of his Journey. "Your focus determines your reality." It's a common saying in many circles. What we put in, will be what we get out. That's something heavy to think about for me at times. As the writer of "As a man thinketh" states- 

Man is made or unmade by himself; in the armory of thought he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself. He also fashions the tools with which he builds for himself heavenly mansions of joy and strength and peace.


I used to wonder where a few things came from as far as "where did I get that from?" It wasn't until I began to ask MYSELF that question, that I soon found the answer for myself. Each of us has been born through no control of our own. Like my lil brother says in jest, "No one asked me if I wanted to be born." Some things in life we honestly have no control over. Location and availability play a huge role in this. Where and what we are born into isn't our choice often.  (*see Rise of Skywalker) Some of us are born with things we can not change... or can we? 


"Freedom from the Known" by Krishnamurti is a "go to" for me when I have self-reflecting questions. Here are two ideas (some books are called ideas) that can help not only Modern day Jedi but any human living on this earth.  It may take a bit of time to understand but the frustrating part for me was the fact that I couldn't lie to myself. What was I personally spoon fed and what was mine and what was given? Is my faith really my own? Who am I really? This is a part of the Hero's Journey for me that went a bit further than Star Wars... or did it? Was a MOVIE the gate to something much more? Was a simple idea much more than just a book? What was mine? What was not? What did I actually have? My friends, if Star Wars can do much more than just entertain, i invite you to ask all the questions you need to find your self in those places of growth. 

May the Force we share in the "really real" world find you where you seek it.

Pastor Carlos