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Happy Holidays Jedi everywhere. This year we celebrate our 16th year anniversary.  I have had the privilege and joy of being Pastor and being able to take some time with y'all. This year I have been a part of what I can describe as a wonderful thing. The things that have been done in people's personal paths and spiritual paths is amazing. I am a very small part of the Jedi community. This year the Jedi I know, and have had the privilege of knowing, have done some pretty amazing things. I know of several new ideas that have come together to serve the community, on-line and in their local communities. I have seen these Jedi come together. Even better is that I have seen those who have been influenced by Jedi. You know, that the more I hear of things in each Jedi's path, the more I find the awareness of how they effect what is around them. It is in each and every one of us, that we DO share. This year the effects of the Jedi being present is evident. You Jedi are doing amazing things and it's to the point for some that the only way you can see it is if someone tells you. 

Look at how far we have come. I have seen the effects of Jedi in communities and in the work places and even in my own path. Y'all tell me, I listen. There is growth and there is hope and, and, AND... there are those passing it to the next. It is present. The whole thing; right here where we are in this Temple and in our own communities. Take some time this anniversary and season to reflect how far we have come in our growth and our own paths and how much the Jedi actually have a effect on things. Look at what you have done. I want to send a huge word of appreciation to every Jedi everywhere. I am glad to continue to be a part of this place and what we do here. This place continues to grow with new faces and new ideas and new ways to grow. We grow with every single person. Take some time to reflect on your path this season and as the holidays come. How far have you come? Where are you now? I am going to tell on you this year, look what you've done! I am amazed at how much of an impact communities have had around you. Now, I know it's not for the recognition that we do things but I can stand firm and say this, I am glad to be called a Jedi next to such people like y'all. This year was amazing and continues to be. I have seen this place and its people come together in so many ways it seems like little fires burning bright. Thank you for trusting me to be here and to be Pastor and share with me what we do share. My anniversary blessing is this: May the things we plant, get the time and effort they need and may the Force be with us all.  May we reflect on this year and on how far we all have come, not only in our own paths but together. Change is happening, always. It definitely is happening here in the Temple of the Jedi Order. My hope is it continues to grow and yield much fruit and in turn will grow much and yield much fruit. 

How can I say thank you to the people and a place like this? By being a part. Happy Anniversary and seasons greetings from this ol' Jedi and my family to yours. Thank you for this place, still! We are still standing and still sharing and still growing. After all this time, we still have tall trees and new seeds and everything in between. There is hope for tomorrow by what we have today, YOU. May this year's time spent here bring good memories and good hope for tomorrow. It can be so much more every day. It all depends on us and what we do.

Thank you Temple of the Jedi Order,

Pastor Carlos