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Happy Turn of the Year Temple of the Jedi Order. It's been a long year for me, I do not know about y'all. This year, no one can say, "we were ready" and as far as I am concerned, you can say goodbye to 2020. Good-bye.

This past year has found us, as HUMANS, in a place we were very uncomfortable with. Lockdown. Some places are just now starting and some are more than under way. I can not encourage every single one of you to find the light, and the hope- that you need. Even in doing so, perhaps be that light or that hope for yourself or someone this year. I remember in life, it was ONE act of kindness that brought me through the toughest of times. (This year) Be a light for someone. Be that ray of hope, that helping hand, that shoulder, or that ear that needs to be present... Which brings me to my point. 

We as human beings know of A LOT. We know how things work now. We have magic boxes that can explain the answer to anything. We have books for any subject you will ever need to know and as if that was not enough, there's more! We have videos to show us how to do things, and a manual on everything. That, in itself, blows my mind some days, the reality;  that in our hands or in our pockets is a device that can validate or at least find anything we request. We know of much. I was sitting by the fire this morning, feeding it cedar for this years Meet/Greet the sun type of meditation. I invited many here and in my own life. What an experience to tap into something like that. Meditations with real people in real time looking and all waiting for the sun. I felt like a sunflower in a field just waiting. It is something I hope any one and everyone can share. As time goes on, we can do more things like that together this year, it is my hope. I read a few of the writings the Dalai Lama has. In one of his writings, he speaks of when he remembers for the first time coming to his own conclusion where there is smoke there is fire. There are times we know of things and there are times we experience things. This year has taxed what ya know of, hu? In the real world we were all given the character tree "shake." My hope is that this year past has given you the experience you need for this year. "Knowing of" is great and I have a library full of things I will one day know of, but the experience, the actual go out and do it is the point. Do not forget this year friends. DON'T. Do not forget the experience of it all. Share it. Listen to others. See if we share just things we know of or things a bit... more. My challenge this year to all Modern Day Jedi- see if you cant get a few more experience points before you share the next time. Come back from the mountain or from the battle or the journey and get your things together and... sit and share. We "know of" much but this year and it is my hope is that in the SEEK, we find out who we are and the Hero's we are. My hope is that this year, we find the people we need. My hope is that this year we become the people we were meant to be. "Us". Modern day Jedi and everything that comes with it. May the Force be with you as we ALL continue to seek, serve and share it!