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May the Force we share, seek and serve, find you where you seek it today.

One of the BEST pieces of advice I ever received was this simple statement, and a simple touch all at the same time. Carry on. 

To carry on. This is a skill that anyone can master and anyone can try. It's very easy to say and not so easy to do. One of the things I LOVE teaching my children is to carry on. Now, the idea is to not stop or at least be some what like water when it flows. THIS idea of carrying on can be used ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. Ever get stuck some where? Carry on. Ever watch the Star Wars movies; any of them really? You will find every cinematic Jedi with the ability to continue. Those who cannot, well, that's part of the Hero's Journey warning, BE CAUTIOUS and CAREFUL. Some things lead to sides we don't know and have no practice or knowledge or even wisdom of. 


The ability to carry on is something every Modern day Jedi can master on their own terms, in their own path, on their own ways. Some pray and start the day. Some stop and think before the day starts and some call it a trudge. The reason is not the idea but OUR reactions to it. HOW we win some days matters and HOW WE act can be up to us as well. To NOT be kept- by what I find, some days is my hope. When self-reflection brings things you do not know or understand, carry on friends.  Over time, and trial, and error, and seek, you will. I promise.  I have found things are not for the moment I find them in. Somethings we find are for later times and events and people as well. Self-reflection is for us and it is my HOPE that when we do find things that can KEEP us, we carry on and do not let a few things we find, keep us too long. 

From one who is in the SEEK as well every day, carry on Modern day Jedi, don't quit. 

Pastor Carlos