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For a long time I kept thinking how to make my first sermon. Finally after a few days I had some ideas, but it was still insufficient; until something happened and it got me thinking from another angle. So Here I will give my interpretation, based on the facts and I learned over that time. I hope it's useful for any of my brothers and sisters Jedi.

Concepts such as justice are part of something that we call ethics; ethics would be in essence a set of standards so that we can live in harmony in society, based on our customs and traditions. As rational and social beings, we have a duty to do justice in our actions, watching every step so we can not turn away and commit some fault. In many religions this fact is well punctuated with rigid and absolute standards; for some extreme cases it is easy to apply to ethics, I will give a simple example: it is unethical to kill a person. The question is very simple, as each variable is well defined, they are: "killing" and "person"; for our society this is good, but at some point you realize that alone is not enough, then extended the reach of our variable and then we have a new policy: it is unethical to kill any living form. Now we have a problem. To feed us, we have necessarily to kill, It does not matter an animal or a plant.

This is a paradigm that plagues society as a whole has for many centuries. What is fair and what is not? What is good and what is not? What is the line that divides a correct posture of an incorrect posture? The problem with these questions is that justice is based on customs and traditions, these questions changing when we modify these variables: local, society, time. What it is right for me may not be right for someone else by social and cultural values ​​of each. Even so, our duty is to always be in accordance with the moral and practice justice, we were Jedi, the guardians of peace and justice. The question that arises after this is evident. How?

Every day in the morning I take my wife to the bus stop, we begin to do this because she goes into labor earlier than me, but the main reason was because she was robbed a few weeks ago close to home; since I am accompanying her to the bus stop .When we are halfway there, we enter into a place where people live in low income; it is somewhat sad because it shows the social gap that exists in this country. On the day in particular, a poorly dressed boy on a bike approaches us, my wife shuddered from top to bottom and diverts the person abruptly; the boy perceives the action and gets very angry and distance while he shouts some words. My wife was still scared, I ask her why she did that; she answers me that this was the bandit that she was the victim. Knowing my wife and I say she does not remember the face of the person who assaulted, that possibly she remembers the clothing and that this could be anyone else, because those people dress simply. She agrees and calms down. We got to the bus stop, I take my leave her and return home. On the way I'm thinking about these things: there was no way of knowing if that was the criminal, possibly the clothes were the same, there was no evidence against this young man. Returning home the boy passes by me returning to his home. I stopped him and apologized to him, explaining all the points I came thinking; he also apologized for the wording, but that it had left him very angry because the police do not see the actions, it follows a stereotype and that someone saw my wife taking that attitude, surely he would be beaten. We shake hands and each took his way.

I was thinking about it. It was not fair that my wife was assaulted near home, It’s not fair she has been traumatized by what happened that she can not feel safe in their own neighborhood, it’s not fair she has to work harder to get restore what was taken from her. On the other hand, was not just live in a country where the police are corrupt, where it judges people by what they wear and not for who they are, it’s not fair that young man in that situation is poor and it is discriminated by their social position. Watching my action also was not fair that I'm not sure that that boy was whether or not the criminal who assaulted my wife, but apologize to him was something just as there was no judgment on my part, I treated him as a person as equal.

With all this history I took some conclusions; feel free to take to you.

1.                   The world is not a fair place, it would be just perfect.

2.                   Human beings are not just or unjust, good or bad; all have light and darkness within us, and we just are living moments.

3.                   Be good people, righteous people, it means we find balance, harmony within us as does our code and be guided by our heart.

4.                   If we are guardians of peace and justice, we must practice justice, but always aiming their peaceful form.

5.                   To practice justice we have to let stereotypes and prejudices aside.

6.                   Justice can only be categorized as "fair" when includes all members involved, it has to be equal for everyone, always observing the honor and the dignity of all.

7.                   There is no justice when the path taken is that of violence.

8.                   When we realize that we have wronged someone, we have a duty to repair the damage we have done.

I hope that this sermon has helped everyone to do the theme justice as well as I do. This helps in the journey of my brothers and sisters and that together we can always converge for peace, justice and love.

May the Force be with us.