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May the Force be with you where ever you are today. There is a tale I was told by my most recently passed Grandmother "Pina"- she was the part of me that this story comes from. 

"Hina, who we call the Moon, enjoyed a certain pool. One day, a great big eel swam by her and touched her. It was ok. Then, it happened again and again until one day, the eel threw off his costume and revealed Te Tuna (The Eel) and they fell in love. After this, he would visit her in human form but became an eel when he swam away. Life was good, 'til one day, he said he would leave her forever. He would visit in a flood, as an eel, one last time, but she would have to cut his head off and bury it. She did it and where she buried the head, a green sprout grew. It turned into a beautiful new tree which in time, produced fruits."

This is a story about where we got the coconut from. In this story, the Moon left us a lot, from her hurt. We really didn't know that until after the fact. Times will come to grow something new or to move forward. In the Star Wars movies, there are tons of examples of sacrifice and bliss. There are different levels even. By the Hero's Journey, the ability to tell sometimes what part of the story you are on can help.

Seasons too, move on and return. Some seasons start new things; and some bring completion depending on what part of the path we are on. Be wary of the attachments we can have on things in our own lives. Jedi Teaching number Four reminds us Jedi are wary of attachments, both material and personal. We can find peace in times of turmoil, if we seek peace or make it. 


As a Jedi, it is my hope we will understand what we see when the path before us shows us something familiar; even if it is only familiar for you.  For those who have spent time cultivating anything, there are times when growth needs, well, a clean chop or a helping hand. I am understanding the metaphor of the hand taking a bit too, moreso  every day. So as I continue to morn my last blood Grama, I leave you with this story and hope. There is hope in the darkest of times and there is hope in the sunny days too, which means there's is always hope, when you seek it. Understanding usually comes with time. Most things we understand after the fact. Sometimes it doesn't seem like growth or a gift, 'til someone says "thank you" or points it out. 

Be well and know you are never alone. It may seem that way but you're not. It may be hard but this may be that part where THIS may be something else. It happens that way often. Stay your course and keep your feet. As my Grama Pina would say, "Tell the sky hi will ya?" Make your connection to the Force and your loved ones as often as you can. Whatever it is, do it one time for this old man. See ya there. May Force we share be with y'all. 


Pastor Carlos