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Every day every one of us is faced with countless decisions and choices to make. These range from the very mundane, to the monumental. Most of the time we decide or choose in an instant with little to no thought of how this choice/decision will affect not only ourselves but others further down the road, only to later be hit with regret over the road not taken. For the mundane moments, there is likely little to no lingering doubts however for the bigger moments there may be. It's human nature to wonder "what if", what if I had done this instead, what if I had gone there, or "I wish", I wish I could do that, or I wish I hadn't done that. As jedi we strive to live in the moment. This of course leads many to the assumption that we do not consider the future effects of our present decisions/choices. This is of course wrong; we must always consider the repercussions of our decisions/choices. Consider them, but not obsess on them. Always we must weigh our options and decide based on wisdom, experience, and intuition. Life is full of roads that we travel down heading towards our future. Some tend to look behind themselves as the travel, allowing doubt to creep in. They wonder what the road would be like if they had taken a different turn, instead of paying attention to where they are heading. As jedi we must not allow ourselves to look back or allow doubt to creep in. We must keep looking forward as we travel doubt free and regret free. To do this we must block out fear from our decision making process. To decide out of fear is to invite doubt and regret in. When faced with a big decision/choice, consider the long term repercussions of each possible decision/choice and ask yourself "can I live with this decision/choice without regret?" If the answer is no then ask yourself "why?" Is it because of fear? If so then ask yourself what it is you're afraid of. Once you're able to eliminate fear you can eliminate doubt and regret about the road not taken.