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May the FORCE be with you as we meet here today.


The "Return," as I like to call it, can be many things. The ability to remember our own codes, ways and faiths can bring us to the basics in our paths when we need the reminder. Falling in love again or even remembering why one does things can bring back and re-ignite our focus and fires inside us. There can be times we can remember why we love people or they can steal our breath away, again. There can be times in Ones path where One can find a need to return to the begining of things. It's not only a Jedi thing. Soldiers need reminders of why they fight and often times we as Modern day Jedi see things similarly to the fighter, or the soldier, so it can do ya some good to remember that for everything there is a season. There is a time for everything. You could say maybe, a need. Where balance can be found is where it can be most utilized. Here is no exception.

There is a magic and a freedom in laughter you have to be at the end of to understand. I still don't understand it fully and some day, I really do not want to know it all. I will never tell someone what is funny or what to or not to laugh at. No. Not at all and it's really not my cup of tea. What I can tell you is this. Find that thing that make you, L O L. The good side splitting stuff. Share a laugh with others. We as Jedi understand there are more connections that cannot be explained. Laughter is one of those real life ones. After a good old fashioned session of the giggles or with some good chuckles, things seem different. Some even say if you can make some one laugh... you can get away with murder. Think about that for a bit Modern day Jedi. In our tactics and spirutuality and seek and all of what we are, is there laughter? For most of us, the answer can be a clear yes. But, here we self-reflect. One of the strongest tools I have found in my own Modern day Jedi path is the one of laughter. Sometimes we can forget the need for a good laugh in our path. I have even heard a few people say.." Some of you at the Temple never joke y'all so serious..." 

Let the magic flow and realease. Find a way to laugh out loud. Allow it. I'ts good for you. It is said laughter is a good medicine. Laughing can boost your immune sytem. Laughter can take you back in time. Laughter can be a work out in it of itself. If you like, ask around and see what type of results you get from laughter and from others who have seen differences. I will tell you the truth, some days laughter soothes my sore heart and mind. Some days it helps me re-focus and some days it helps others where books and theories can't. Some days my path could use a nudge or a push of  re-direction by a giggle or a well needed chuckle. Laughter is like a break for the brain sometimes and I am able to RETURN to my own focus or ideas again after. I want to encourage every one of us here to have places and things, Paths and ways, and have those you can trust in your paths. Remember not to be too serious and make room for a good joke or two. That's a real life conneection we can all share some times when some aren't doing too well.  One of the best returns on my path is laughter. I cannot express how much of a benefit this can combat many of the feelings that can keep us. Go laugh and share a smile, it may be the things that helps ...release that thing that has held some one back. Does it you? I can't tell you how many times my wife has stood in front of me and said," Did you really say that?" To which I often say, that's was pretty funny. Vader and little Luke are at the table with food all over little Luke and the table and Vader says, The FORK Luke, use the F-haaaaa (Vader facepalms)

Need a good return, Laugh. Ever see a Modern day Jedi laugh??? They glow. See what HUE emits.

Let it shine.

Pastor Carlos