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May the Force we share, seek and serve find you today and any day you seek it. I can not explain the result every time. No one can with anything; related to Grace. There is an understanding of freedom that comes, even with a small amount of study in Grace. Grace can look like many things. I find magic in Grace, when I least expect to find it. I will say it again like this, when Grace is NOT factored in, and Grace is received, Grace steals the show. Now, this is the part I would like to focus on, what happens when we randomly give Grace? Grace usually comes from no merit of our own but by other means and normally, SOMEONE ELSE. When we act in this manner, that's when we can start- the ripple of Grace. We start the magic. When Grace is chosen, there is an unmeasurable flow that builds and blesses. Grace, like any tool and idea, can come in levels and in different application. RESULTS VARY. These few past months alone, when I remembered that Grace changes things in a way that can provide benefit and relief, I began to add it into my own path more. The more I practice Grace, the more things grow for me and... that's kinda the point some days. Call it good bread, call it good fertilizer, call it something we can all benefit from but it is my encouragement to the TEMPLE OF THE JEDI ORDER- serve a bit more Grace and see if it doesn't make you the Jedi you are trying to be. Give Grace, to start something new. Don't know what Grace is? Ask some one who is right next to you. Promise, some one WILL let the gate open every time. Grace is like that. Care to be the instigator... of something new?

Plant new seeds, get new fruit.

May the Force be with y'all

Pastor Carlos