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I want to take a moment and talk about the little hopes. The little flashes of warmth as that small voice says,  I hope that maybe Starbucks will have my favorite seasonal coffee in or maybe I hope River reads my journal post and it helps. That hope of seeing a friend's face or hearing the joy in your child's voice as they talk about their day. The hope of being able to be a part of someone else's joy.  We have many little hopes each day, they spring from that small voice inside and give us something positive to look forward to. I feel we often overlook these positive little bursts of energy that help us throughout our day. If we take notice of them and acknowledge the little hopes. We can gather that positive energy and push they provide us to help improve our day. 

 I challenge each of you to try and become more aware of these little hopes. Acknowledge them and the positive boost they grant you. Let them lift your mood and provide your spirit with warmth and bounce. Lets gather the sparks of the little hopes into a beacon of light to drive away the dark.