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Good Time zone and welcome friends, family and Modern day Jedi. May the Force be with y'all as we do this together. If you're like me, Self Reflection takes a bit with each use. One of the IDEAS I would love to share is the letter " I " in the word Jedi. One of the hardest things to rid one of is the ego that helps find things for our self. Self Reflection requires most of us to ask ourselves things and questions no one else can. This is often a two edged sword for me at times. Almost like a ..Light Saber edge... dangerous any way you swing it. So, one of the KEY things we share is the idea of OTHERS. Some focus on others and there is a very real magic to this idea no matter what flavor or way you practice it, removing "us" from the equation's is usually a landscape we all hope to find in our own seek. The selfless path can be found in many ideas and ways and even actions. One of the hardest things for me to do is work on this, while I find out things only I can find. See where the conflict can exist? I want to remind every Modern day Jedi no matter the sect or Order or site or place in life, the "I" in Jedi is at the end. The "I" or the self is usually not the focus often. 

I love Jedi teaching number 4 because its so applicable. 

4. Jedi are wary of attachments, both material and personal. 

Here can dwell a selfless path that can span any thing, anywhere and any time. There is a path that exist that can become less "me" and more others. Its every where. This is one of many parallels that exist in the real world. Jedi have this same idea. Some display it in Knighthood or as a Training Master here. Some of us are Educators in the real world and some of us do so much with our own communities and circles in life. Some serve others. Some give. Others is a common idea shared here.

Phonetically , the "I" in Jedi is at the end of the word but it can serve as a reminder for some of our actual paths and walks in life. Understanding that what we do here can build any one up in a way that eventually can lead to help or holding, can be a great return. For those there seeking the selfless path in a path that needs the self to find it, remember - Jedi has a "I" in it but it's best at the end of the name. Some of us do not claim levels or religions or "stickers" or titles any more. Some of us even practice in between things ...kinna like we walk in between the sky and the earth... for those who wish to seek morals and character and grit and some Jedi way type of ideas, remember this, the  "I" in Jedi can be at the end of things. Its ok, it doesn't always have to be the first. Last isn't always the worst place to be, especially  when you get to call your self Jedi. Happy seeking and my the Force we share be with y'all still, always and even though.

Pastor Carlos