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The ability to change is something every human and Jedi need. During self-reflection, we find things that are for us, directly. These are moments we can share and even talk about. Some experiences are worth passing.

There are some experiences that can change ideas and even ways. No experience can be better than first hand.  Our codes and teachings focus on a personal part of finding things. To say these truths are meant for only you- can be said in a whisper sometimes but it's understood. On this self-reflective path, there are people we meet and those we need to meet. That is the subject of today. There are those you gotta meet, why? So we can see it done. I met two people this past trip. One named sister and one named brother. These are not their real names. I met sister with a bee line to me...hi my name is sister I think we were supposed to meet because I wanna give you a hug in a not sexual connotation way what so ever. That was the introduction. Brother said " We were all alone and I did not know we were organized like this. " on my own path, there are limits I tell no one. Hugging is a limit for me for safety in my ministry. I have found good limits for myself in my own path.  Turns out sister is the spitting image of my own family child hood trauma. Text book. Same same, literally. We began sharing our struggles and our wins. Let me tell you there is something that can happen when you see yourself in some one. Jedi too. The magic it holds can only be described as a Force that can be seen and felt. 

Brother is similar in ministry work. Mirror image.

It is good to see others as Knights in live action. It is the  experience of seeing it first hand,  good to see others in their path. It is good to see others try. It can do the heart much to see what is real and what is hoped for. 

Change comes. Seasons come. People come and go. Some are good, some are worth passing on. Where the worth is, is up to us. Change can come from many things but having first hand the time for it can be as beneficial as having it knock on the front door at 4 every day.

Some people you just have to meet. Some,  you can live without. I can not encourage every one enough to keep on trying. If it is in the corruptable some times we can find the integrity we seek, people can be the subject of this idea. To find examples we must .. find examples some times. For those who need the encouragement, seek out fellow Jedi. Seek out those not like you. There is such magic and gems and gold sitting at a real table with other Jedi, NOT like you yet just like you. 

Happy seeking and may the Force we share, seek and serve be with y'all. May we meet some day. 

Pastor Carlos