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There is a book written by James Allen called "As a Man Thinketh". This is one of those books Mrs. Valdez, my English school teacher, would say "... It isn't a book but a thought, so pay attention Carlitos!"  It is a super easy read and its taken from the texts from the Abrahamic Bible. I am not a Christian. This is one of those reads for me that I can take the ideas and the faith its written in and still receive benefit from the character. I will say this publicly, If it was not for the example of an Abrahamic faith type of love, growing up I would have received none. I am thankful for the Christian people in my path. They were my light when there was no light. There is a chapter titled "Effect of thought on health and the body".

For me, this whole chapter drops the good stuff on me... then he says, "A sour face does not come by chance; it is made by sour thoughts."

My mind went blank for a bit. I heard the steam and could see everything in my mind just clear. This past month in my family has been faces. I miss peoples faces. 

Sometimes, what's inside, is what is shining outward. In our community we have a common idea of the Saber. The color of the Saber can be compared to intentions. The hue can be the obvious intention. Here is a question for the Temple of the Jedi Order... Ever been defended by what we thought was a red Saber in our path? Have you ever found that there was wisdom in some places of chastisement?  Have you found the good in the bad? Take some time to reflect on your own path if you like. Life is not a cinematic journey. The Hero's Journey is not a movie, nor a book. The Force is not limited to what we can describe. It binds us. We are connected in more than just one way, often. These connections are life. We share life and paths and ideas. 

Faces are beautiful. Every one. There is no two alike. We may look like each other and resemble a lot of others but your smile is yours. Your laugh, no one taught you. That is your alone. A wise man told me one time your face wears from the effect of your smile or the lack of it. Everything settles around that simple idea. 

What are we putting inside our hearts and minds Jedi? Do we have some idea of Force choking and Force flying or is there a bit more? It is my hope that with every sermon posted, someone's color will change or someone's ideas grow or even better, someone knows who they are just a bit more. 

Our focus can change at times in our paths and it can reflect on the face. Look at your face. Literally Jedi - look at your face. What does it tell you? By your face, where have you been? Want to adjust your glow? Change crystals. Try something else, see it from a , what's the common idea " from a certain point of view?"


Our faces aren't by chance hu... they are by our thoughts or what's inside. 

Glow Jedi, glow. Shine. Find a way. It is very much possible, people do it every day. 


May the Force Be With You

Pastor Carlos