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May the FORCE we share, serve, or seek be with you today. 

This sermon is in hope that with every question asked here, we ask ourselves and reflect on our own with our own answers.  In the cinema world, the Jedi take the hand. Why the HAND? What's the deal with the hand? Now, you can find videos of theory's and about ideas and even metaphors till the cows come home. The study of the word itself, HAND, can yield numerous definitions and ways to apply it. Be careful you CAN get lost in that type of search with certain words. Not a bad thing.

In the Jedi cinema world, the hand was symbolic and part of the training. Anything more is finishing move. Almost after every hand removal, its almost a "Now we are even move." and that " May I assist you"  kicks in. As Jedi, when the hand is lost, ITS NOT THE END AT ALL. In the cinema world, they have the technology but its common to see human and people merged or even linked. Now, I am not a Jedi conspiracy theory person nor do I troll sites but there is a list that the Cinema world puts out that has ..."All the limbs lost in the Star Wars films." Worth a look see. 

What is your hand? What does it mean to you? Is it a form you RELY on or is it the center of all your exploration? Is it the leading force in your every day or is it something you have chosen?  Here's the kicker, what happens when ya lose it? Can you survive or will it keep you down? There will be times when we are tried and or tested and even ... fail. Sure as a Skywalker with two hands is a special thing, so too is it known that any stand you take may be tested or tried at any given time. Do not be surprised if we drop the ball. It aint the end of the world. Carry on Modern day Jedi. I know few people who do everything right the first time every time. In the real world, this is rare but can be mastered.  I personally took ONE test 150 times until I passed with perfect marks. Anyone WILLING can master anything. 

There will be times we are tried and it can seem like we even lose a hand or even, dare I say it, take one. How will tomorrow work, without it? Is today the end? It may feel like that but let me tell you, it is not. Today is not THE END. Why the HAND? 

Jedi Teaching 4 says..." Jedi are wary of attachments, both material and personal. The obsession over possessions and people creates the fear of losing those possessions and relationships which can cause ourselves to be trapped in a state of depression and loss." What are we... attached... to? Can we live with it, with out or are we attached at the wrists with some stuff? Many of the metaphors are pretty neat and intentional. Some things we are born into or born with, we can un attach to but it wont be nice. Some things just need removal. The balance is up to us. It can be. The Jedi had a way of striking and even making contact and doing MINIMAL harm. It is that balance I find POSSIBLE when applying my own Codes and Doctrines to my path. Is the HAND minimal or the maximum for us? Do we take the hand or the leg or are we the ones missing them?

Regardless of what side of the " Lightsaber" we are at the moment, one thing is for sure, the hands are the important part of the fight. What can take our ability's to WIELD our SABERS? What can take your defense? What happens when its gone? Some movies I can watch and some make me ask and reflect. I like those best.

Pastor Carlos