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My friends in the force,


 I am not a great orator my friends know me to speak and act when needed. I like behind the scenes because too much ego blinds a person from duty, loyalty and many of the virtues we as Jedi strive to live by. 


Jedi, Light and Dark, must know and trust the Force. In this we are able to fulfil our duties to act in the face of the unbalanced.


We claim to be the guardians of peace and justice. Not only externally in the community, but internally. Within our minds and bodies. Surprisingly enough to many, the most important things in life require neither access to the Force or the training we as Jedi recieve.

They are: 

The will to act


The wisdom of when and how to act.


These are learned through life. They are a part of our character, our personality. To gain these things sometimes there is experence needed. At other times, in the case of some, there is a natural intelligence that allows some to act the same as a seasoned veteran in the field.


We as Jedi must learn these two things.  Much of it you can learn from experences in your life. Sometimes you need more experence in life. It requires work to learn how and when to act.  Self inspection and meditation, study and questions. 


You will learn, if you haven't already, when to act and how.  Do not do so until your ready. When you are you will feel so. Do not doubt, follow our Jedi code. Protect life. Feel the Force.


My friends. As a Jedi, though there is a reorganization. I would like to recognize a Jedi, i know for a fact has worked hard and has caught much flak for it. He has asked no reward, no praise. 

 Brother Jon is an upright and just Jedi. One who demonstrates all the teachings and virtues of a Jedi; including the will and how to act.

 I would like to honor Brother Jon. He is a natural leader and a good man. You have my thanks my frend. 


May the Force be with you All , always and Forever.