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"Who is more important, you or others? The conclusion is clear; even if minor suffering happens to all others; its range is infinite, whereas when something happens to me, it is limited to just one person. When we look at others in this way, oneself is not so important." ~ The Dalai Lama


All too often people think only of themselves. As you go about your daily life take notice as people sit by and watch bad things happen to others, or cause bad things to happen to others. Often they comfort themselves by saying: “better them, then me”. When something bad happens to someone else it affects not only that person but everyone that depends on that person. A mother, a father, a daughter or a son that’s waiting or in need of something, or someone.


When people act selfishly others suffer, but when people act selflessly others prosper.


In your daily life take notice when people help others. Something as simple as changing a tire for a mother on her way to the grocery store alleviates suffering not only for her but her family. This is where the idea of the golden rule comes into play: do unto others as you would have others do unto you. By limiting suffering to only one’s self we allow others to grow and prosper, if each person does this then suffering is removed from the world and everyone prospers, ourselves included.


Imagine a world where no one suffers.


As Jedi we must constantly and consciously remember this: By emphasizing the safety and serenity of others we in turn guarantee the safety and serenity of ourselves. For it is in placing importance on the self that the universe comes undone.


How does one accomplish this? Simple, by helping, whether it’s carrying a bag or changing a tire, nothing is too small to make a big difference. Lend an ear to someone in need of talking, bring a smile to someone sad, these may seem like trivial things yet to others they can make a mountain of difference.


When you wake up in the morning ask yourself: who is the most important person? Is the answer yourself? Or is it someone else? If you think of someone other than yourself right away then you are well on track to freeing the world of suffering and strife.