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- Facing our Hidden Self

Everyone alive has two selves, some admit to it, some don't, and some may have more. My point in this statement is that we all seperate the self we allow others to see with the self inside that has worries... fears... wants... A warrior will hide emotions so that they may gain confidence, and not show weakness, A waitress will put on a smile to hide her anger or disgust at a situation, we all do this in varying degrees, allowing others to see what we want them to see, or when tempers flare, they may see some extra leaking out.

This isn't a bad thing, while we are at work and disagree about a policy, or situation, keeping it to ourselves may keep us our job, or allow us to go about our day without extra conflict. The problem is when we do this so long without realizing it, we get disconnected with our own inner self. Part of my own personal journey was coming to terms with both my inner self and the outer self.

Part of this is facing all the inner demons, the secrets that we keep buried, and even the memories that we don't want to face again, sometimes to the point of thinking of them as dreams or nightmares and not memories. We all get to a point and face parts or even all of this, some of us may have already done this, others may be getting to the point where they will need to. Note that I am not saying that these two selves need to merge, but they need to be on speaking terms or we become unbalanced, erratic, or even overly emotional.

There is no one way to go on this journey, it faces each person differently. Sometimes just recognizing it or even recognizing the wants that one may try to deny may begin the healing and communication. I won't try to go into how one may heal or re-connect, as that is a personal journey that I believe we all go through, but I will say that we should occasionally turn inward and look at ourselves to see how well we are holding the balance within our own mind.