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I should write this sermon addressing a very different theme that, but when some things happened I realized something that made me very intrigued. A few weeks ago I was very worried about finding a job, getting again provide my support and that of my family. That's when a few days ago I was subjected to a simple surgery, for granted, so I came across many things that apparently I ignored so far. Before the surgery, I was thinking my life empty, meaningless; why that? Because I am out of work and everything seems to fall apart without career with dreams unfulfilled, but no resources.

Walk through that room where I would be operated; there, something could go wrong, even in a small probability. Fear visited me, so I no longer wanted my life to end, even if she did not have a sense, even though it was not what I imagined it would be. All I could lose came to mind, friends, family, my wife, my cats, everything. How many times I did not want to give up everything, or put an end to myself; to if I knew how lucky I am, despite not being the best at anything, even being a person without work, if I really had the potential of science I have. How many times I felt so unmotivated; I think others may be in that situation too, perhaps with problems hundreds of times greater than mine. Life is revealed through our eyes, often cruel, observe all evil that exists in this world and ignore the beautiful, then it will become a person without hope.

Shortly thereafter, I was recovering and I'm still (23/01), so I feel pain almost all the time. I can not walk properly, bathing, laugh, cry, sneeze, etc. Everything turns out to cause me some pain, and although small, it shows constant. So I thought the night I was in the hospital; how many people can not do these things as simple without any difficulty or pain? So I was always sad and complained so much, when in fact I had everything I needed in my hands, just missing me hope. This is not anyone's fault, these things end up being banal and our hurried life, it sears every emotion we can have; the smallest things are the most important and we give less value.

All uncomfortable, there are no obstacles impossible to overcome, or locked doors can not be opened. Not always have success, we are not always the best we can be. Still, do not fall, do not stand prostrate; when we do put ourselves defenseless before the villainy of the circumstances where in fact we have to have a great, steadfast spirit, not in strength, but in hope, in love, enjoy the beauty of life and existence; so we will be unwavering.

How many times have I not found myself treading this painful road where a pain leads to another. No more, in my responsibilities found my purpose in my life I found joy in these little things, the world saw the wild life span endless fields and fields even beyond the horizon. Not walk more that way of pain, I put my feet, ready to serve, ready to take action and make this world and of my existence, something good.