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Greetings all.


Today, I want to share with you a message of hope, and how it is not just a powerful force in our lives but also a vital element in persevering in faith.

Hope is a light that can pierce through even the darkest of times. It is the guiding star in our journey of faith, helping us overcome challenges and keeping our spirits strong. Most of us, we have heard of hope since we first heard, “Star Wars.”

Stories can be used to teach us and entertain us. It is in this vein I hope to illuminate us on the importance of hope. They believe in the Force, a powerful energy that is in everything. For us, this Force is akin to our faith, a source of strength, unity, and guidance. It also can guide us to others who live life walking similar paths. It is important to remember that some of these paths have nothing to do with Jediism.    

The Code reminds us of the crucial role hope plays in our lives: "There is no emotion; there is peace. There is no ignorance; there is knowledge. There is no passion; there is serenity. There is no chaos; there is harmony. There is no death; there is the Force." This code emphasizes the need for hope, serenity, and harmony in our journey of faith. Our paths as mortals are rarely harmonious, it is a goal that we seek harmony though. THAT, can be very difficult.

Hope is the driving force that allows us to persevere in our faith. When we face adversity, it's easy to lose our way, but hope reminds us that there is a path forward. Our faith teaches us to trust in the Force, to have faith in something greater than ourselves. Similarly, our faith in a higher power can sustain us through challenging times. Even better though, we share that with our brethren, so when we seek hope in the Force, we are connecting to every single one of those people. When we are at a loss, we can take the fact we are not alone truly.

To touch briefly on the darkness, we find darkness, often this darkness is what drains our hope, makes us feel powerless or down. Hope isn’t the fix, it is the courage and determination to find a way out. Strength eeked from belief. Belief in one’s self, their people, their community and others.

When we look at the heroes, we see their unwavering commitment to their mission. Their determination to uphold their mission, even when the odds are against them, teaches us the importance of standing firm in our faith. Just like the Jedi, we must cling to hope and our faith when facing challenges, trusting that the Force is with us.

We can also be reminded to mentor and train the next generation. They pass on their knowledge, wisdom, and faith in the Force to ensure a future filled with hope. As people of faith, we too have a responsibility to share our faith with the next generation. Our hope and faith can be the guiding light for those who come after us. Soon we will become the touchstones to others and hopefully, pass on the hope we have learned in our experiences to those that walk in our path and beyond it

In closing, the Jedi teachings remind us that hope is a force that we can harness to persevere in our lives, not just as Jedi. The Force of hope is powerful, and it is a beacon that can lead us through even the darkest of times. May we all find inspiration in the Jedi way and let the Force of hope be with us as we continue our journey of faith.