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This sermon was a bit rushed, apologies as it may seem like a bit of a rambling, and in a way it is, but nonetheless here are my thoughts for all to share

The afterlife, it is an interesting subject for me, I’ve seen many deaths, and wondered many times if there is something after, some people believe there is, and some don’t, and in a way both are right from their own perspective no matter what way we look at it... to the person who believes in an afterlife the molecules that make up their mind and body will continue on for eternity, and for the person who believes that there is not an afterlife, the end is the end for their body... but the real question comes with the idea of a soul.

The concept of a soul that is released at death is interesting to me, as the heaven concept seems like it would fill up or get rather crowded after a bit (the same goes for hell) and the idea of ghosts floating around is an interesting one, still isn’t very logical, as what happens when the atmosphere is full of ghosts... do we start breathing them in without knowing it?

In no way do I mean disrespect to those that believe in heaven, hell or incorporeal status, just musing here about my thoughts, I think it would be great to be reunited with all my loved ones again, and to continue living for eternity.  But, at that last thought I get thinking again... Do I really want to go on for eternity, isnt there a point that I get bored of that existence and wonder what is next after that?

In my own thoughts and belief I see my body and mind becoming one with the universe again so that it can be formed into new and wonderful forms of life, my “soul” going with it, the things I did in life rippling around and effecting others so that the memory of me lives on a little bit longer, but my own memories and thoughts ending at the point of my own death.  I am ok and happy with this belief and it is not a bad thing to me, but at the same time I see so much strength in people that have differing beliefs to my own, it is very interesting to see them in their final moments so resolute and sure of the next life.  

I doubt any one belief is fully correct about death, and each brings comfort in its own way to those that believe (and some that don’t) and probably none of the many beliefs are wrong to believe (unless you require the sacrificing of a village to accompany you to the afterlife) but I just think it is a worthy experience to understand others thoughts on death, in the many religious beliefs, philosophical beliefs, and even the scientific thoughts of it all.  

Don’t be afraid to understand and explore others thoughts on the matter and then explore it in you’re own mind and see where it goes, my own mind is stuck in science, and with different experiences I may see completely different angles of it all, possibly one day I may change my thoughts on the matter, no one knows till they get there.