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[Note: Appologies for the tardiness of this, I had a bit of writers block the last few months and it took a bit to get going, and somehow got a bit off topic from what I had planned, everyone Have a great Jedi Youngling Day tommorrow, and remember to be careful of you're kids and selves, and be responsible, if you choose to party, find safe transportation and such.]
The journey through life is also the journey through time, A bunch of fog in front and a bunch behind as well.  For each choice is many possible outcomes and though we can sometimes glimpse a possible (or even probable) future, nothing is ever set in stone.  Life is born, and Life passes on... Relationships come and go... over time we cope and learn to move on.  

Our own personalities change, and so do those around us.  Some of our instincts are to react and fight change, though this tends to be counteractive to progress and growth.  We take time to change, and though it is sometimes abrupt eventually we come to terms with it, and sometimes even embrace and enjoy the changes.

Personally, I’ve been going through some rapid changes, Crazy hours at a new job, a new child on the way, and the child I’ve had around beginning to walk and talk (leading to some rather needed changes to my home) At times I find myself missing a simpler time, and not realizing how good I do have it... I look at the news and see all these people at these Occupy protests, Friars Stepping down to make a statement, and an unemployment rate that worries me even on the best of days.  

This world is changing, and all of us as well and we all will need to adapt in some way over these next few years, and forever in a sense.  This is a natural process and though it may seem tough for whatever situation each of us is in, It is a wonderful ever-changing event called life, and if each of us takes a step out of our shoes and gains some perspective it may surprise you with how this world has an ever growing life of it’s own

I hope all of us do well and continue to grow in this ever changing landscape