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Take some time to find yourself where you need to be today. Meet me here and lets officially talk about seasons.

It is that time again when the seasons change. Looking around us, there's no denying the time is upon us. I love when the cold becomes warm and the hot becomes cool. Theres a bit of relief when the seasons change. For some, seasons can mean a myriad of things from good to not so good to flat out bad. For a Modern day Jedi, seasons can come in our every day path that can have the same result as the changing of the seasons.

Growing up in Texas, one of the cash crops is pecans. There is no doubt that when its time for the harvest, its time for harvest. From the fancy shiny devices some carry, to the old hand me down poles and nets, you will see people out and about seeking pecans. There are local grocery stores that buy em in bulk and by the pound. Pecans trees grow in arbors and even in the city limits and public parks there to abandoned lots. Cash for pecan pounds is what some places even advertise. The trees care not if the new fancy tree shakers or a person with a rope and duct tape are present or even where they are planted, when its time, its time. Every where you look, seasons are evident. Now, this place aint Texas but you can see that there are seasons and times are changing. For some, some moments to begin new things are at hand. Some parts in our paths are at the very beginning, like planting and tilling. For some, the time of season is to harvest. Some need a good shake or just a bit of a good wind to help. Some are ready, some are not.

Modern day Jedi can benefit from watching and remembering nature often. Its a free education I've gotten for years and hope to pass on to any one willing. Modern day Jedi have seasons in their own paths, I know I do. The season we all find ourselves in is this isolation and sickness that was not the fault of any one of us. We find ourselves today in a state of uncertainty. Some seasons are not in any way in our control. Each season brings different things for different people. Some changing of the seasons brings work. For some it brings toil and hardships. For some it brings relief. For many, its a balance of it all. 

Our Jedi teaching number five says:

 5. Jedi understand that well-being consists in the physical, the mental and the spiritual. A Jedi trains each to ensure they remain capable of performing their duties to the best of their ability. All of these are interconnected and essential parts of our training in becoming more harmonious with the Force.

Remember, as the seasons change, we as Modern day Jedi can find ourselves in different seasons as well as different levels in them in our own paths. 

Some can be at a beginning and some can find themselves at the end of a few things, but make no mistake, the harvest will come.  If prepared, we can have a yield that can blow our minds. For some, we can be ready and for some, we can take examples of what can be next season. Seasons bring feelings that to deny them would be like putting things in jars and hoping they survive without care. 

Lets be honest, whos mental health is really ok during such times as we are in? Who isn't effected in some way shape or form that the word "exhaustion" isn't a common thought? 

Here, we have Clergy. We are not professionals, only people.

If you need to speak to a professional PLEASE do that. If you need encouragement, the Clergy is here to help. 


If you need a hug, give one out or seek one out. If you have a need, share it with some one you trust. Find what it is you are seeking. Seek and you WILL find what your looking for. I personally can be reached almost any time on many platforms and even directly. Understanding that in nature, every time we watch it, we are learning something, take your liberties Modern day Jedi. Look at nature. Watch the seasons change. Remember that we as human beings have seasons in our life's and in our paths. Find what ya need. Meditate on this very thing if you like. Being a Modern day Jedi can be a good thing. If we reflect on nature, my hope is it reminds us to do the same, to keep the same ideas. If its time, its time. If time or season calls for preparation, begin preparation. If you find the time calls for harvest, get the tools out. If its cold put a sweater on. Find what ya need this season. Take the time you need this season to reflect and think about what is to come. Modern day Jedi are smart and some of the smartest folk I know.

May the Force we share find you where we all seek it.

Pastor Carlos