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"Right and wrong, good and evil, light and dark most of the time, they are illusions that prevent us from perceiving the greater reality. The Jedi have learned to distance themselves from these illusions, to seek the truth beneath the words"


This is one of the hardest lessons I have studied and possibly the hardest to conquer. We are so wound up in our lives that sometimes we get caught up in the “Right and Wrong” of things. Some say that “Good and Evil” do not exist except in our quest to qualify that which we may have done against another and causes us to question our motives. The “Light and the Dark” are constantly at odds in the struggle for dominance.

I have presented a theory that states that there are 5 sides to every conflict and that it is like the samurai sword. They are: Your side (sharp edge), my side (blunt side), people who agree with you more (right side of blade), and people who agree with me more (the left side of the blade). The fifth side is the side in which I feel the above quote represents. The fifth side is from the perspective of the one who swung the sword. It is the Truth above all else, the actual event that occurred that you and I are arguing over.

My theory contains more that this simple explanation, but the theory is not the point of this sermon. The point is that in all events and in every day of our lives, we as Jedi must always strive to look at the world through the eyes of the Force, the one who swung the sword. Do not get caught up in the words and emotion of the event. Do not hear the words, and then place your own meaning to them. Listen to the words, the emotions, the context for which the words were spoken, and view them from a distance. See all possible “Sides”, and then choose the Truth.